Low Power Tests

During the installation / setup process it is common that some settings are not correct which can lead to ‘absurd’ readings (very high or very low). It is important to do this check list: After the installation: It may exist differences specially in high power cars and specially on twin roller dynos High Power Cars …

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Numbers and graphs are shown “as steps” / slowly

The provided USB-RS232 adapter has a default latency which results too slow for realtime data displaying. It does not affect to the recording but makes the visualization very slow. There are two options: FTDI Port Manually setting the COM Latency to 1 ms (advanced)

Software Installation Issues

MSCOMCTL.OCX and SPView41.OCX errors A few customers reported errors when installing the Software at the point when the installer is registring some OCX controls. For instance the MSCOMCTL.OCX there are two versions, in old Sportdyno V3.5 we used the version (6.01.9782) where in current Sportdyno versions we use a more recent version (6.01.9846) and for …

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Power Supply: PWM or CAN?

Each power supply comes with 3 inputs: PWM (2 pins), CAN (4 pins) and Analog / Potentiometer (3 pins). In general only one can be used at a time for the speed control (PWM or CAN), with the exception of a safety potentiometer or brake pedal that can work in parallel as a safety control …

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