Crazy Mouse (Microsoft Ballpoint issue)

Category: Common Issues

Windows can eventually detect a high data stream from the DAQ (and previously from the Weather Station) and decide that it is a MOUSE, it will install the Ballpoint Drivers and will block the access from other applications. The cursor in the screen can become crazy as it will interpret the data from the DAQ as mouse movement.


  • Turn the DAQ OFF, or disconnect the USB from the computer
  • Manual: Open the Windows Device Manager and DISABLE the Ballpoint device (do not uninstall it, Windows would install it automatically again)
  • Automatic: Execute Sportdyno in Admin mode to give the application Admin rights (note that it does not mean to log with an Admin user). Execute the “Options/Disable Ballpoint” menu option. Note: it will only work with Admin rights.

Manual Method:

Automatic Method:

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