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New! SportDyno V4.1

SportDyno 4.x Features

Win7, Win8, Win10: SportDyno41.61.msi (4.1.61, 28/SEP/2022)
What is new?

ENGLISH USER’S MANUAL V4.1 (2023): SportDyno41-eng.PDF

SportDyno V4.0 (AWD SUPPORT)

Win7, Win8, Win10: SportDyno40.40.msi (4.0.40, 8/APR/2021)
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MANUAL V4.0 en Español: SportDyno40-esp.PDF

Manuel V4.0 en français: SportDyno40-FR.pdf

Older Versions

3.8.46: SportDyno38.46.msi                    SportDyno38-eng.PDF

3.7.24: SportDyno37.24.msi                    SportDyno37-eng.PDF

3.5.18: SportDyno35.18.msi

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ShockAnalyzer V2.1

ShockAnalyzer V2.0

ShockAnalyzer20.14.1.msi (0.6Mb) (26/DEC/2017)

What is new?

English manual (2.0.14): ShockAnalyzer20.14.pdf (12/NOV/2017)

SpringAnalyzer V0.6.1

Standard SHOCK Firmware Spring Analyzer 0.7 (BETA) (16/JAN/2024)

Old Specific SPRING Firmware: Spring Analyzer 0.6.1 (BETA)

Download Plans and Manuals


DAQs and PWSs (Installation)


SP5 Installation and Setup Manual V1.2
SP6 Installation and Setup Manual V0.92 (2023)
PWS3.x and HS-PWS Installation and Setup Manual V1.6
SP4 Installation Manual


SP5/6 Ethernet Connection.pdf


Double Ramp Test, inertia adjust method (English)
Double Rampe Test, inertia adjust method (FRENCH)
Load Cell Calibration
Adjusting PID for Engine Dyno (low inertia systems)


SportDyno 4.0 User’s Manual
SportDyno 3.8 User’s Manual
SportDyno 3.7 User’s Manual
Shock Analyzer 1.7 User’s Manual
Shock Analyzer 2.0 User’s Manual
SPRING Analyzer User’s Manual

FTDI Driver


Tips for testing E-Vehicles

DBC and XML CAN Files Import Tool

Inertia chassis dynamometer

Motorbike chassis dynamometer plans.
PDF Main sheet: Banco325.pdf
PDF sheet 1: Bike_dyno325_sheet1.pdf
PDF sheet 2: Bike_dyno325_sheet2.pdf
PDF sheet 3: Bike_dyno325_sheet3.pdf

AutoCad file: Banco325.dwg

325 mm Roller: Dyno325roller.pdf
Roller design Excel sheet: rollerssheet.xls 

16T Gear Tooth:  gear16T.DXF

2WD Car chassis dynamometer plans.
Rear Wheel Dyno1: Rearwddyno1.pdf
Rear Wheel Dyno2: Rearwddyno2.pdf
Inertia engine dynamometer

Kart engine inertia dynamometer plans
PDF plans: Kartdyno.pdf
Auto cad file: sp3inertial.dwg

Note: Kart engine dyno plans are not for a specific engine, you should adapt this plans to your engine. 

Roller for Kart Engine Dyno: kartdynoroller.pdf
Flywheel design Excel sheet: rollerssheet2.xls