Installation tips

Software Installation Issues

MSCOMCTL.OCX and SPView41.OCX errors A few customers reported errors when installing the Software at the point when the installer is registring some OCX controls. For instance the MSCOMCTL.OCX there are two versions, in old Sportdyno V3.5 we used the version (6.01.9782) where in current Sportdyno versions we use a more recent version (6.01.9846) and for …

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Power Supply: PWM or CAN?

Each power supply comes with 3 inputs: PWM (2 pins), CAN (4 pins) and Analog / Potentiometer (3 pins). In general only one can be used at a time for the speed control (PWM or CAN), with the exception of a safety potentiometer or brake pedal that can work in parallel as a safety control …

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PID Setup

P.I.D. coefficients determine the brake response to the difference between the desired speed (target) and the current speed (this difference is called error).The DAQ (SP1+ / SP5 / SP6) implements a standard PID, with I constant proportionally to P (Kp)  Ti, this allows changing only Kp constant and SP5 will modify Ki to keep …

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Load Cell Calibration

Calibration of loadcell, for dyno running with SportDevices SP1+, SP3, SP4, SP5 and SP6 DAQ units.Procedure may be different depending on how the dyno is constructed. In this description there is use “calibration bar” and “Calibration weight”.The purpose of calibrating the load cell is because the load cell normally is the most important factor in …

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