How to do a Dyno Run

Category: Dyno Usage

In most cases we need to know an estimation of the Power at Engine, which implies to record the coast down phase: friction losses from tyre losses and air-pump losses from brake mainly. This coast down phase must be recorded with the clutch pressed or the Neutral position selected

  • Open Gauges Window
  • Configure the test:
    • Enter data: Vehicle and Customer.
    • Mode: Inertial or ramp,
    • Starting RPM and ending RPM (for instance 2000 to 6000 RPM), also test duration for ramp test (for instance 10 to 15 sec). Important the ending RPM must be slighly lower than actual value, for instance if the engine reaches 7500 we could set 7000 as top rpm, and the SW will allow us to continue up to 7500 if we want to.
    • Stopping mode: normally “Stop When Lower” mode, so the CLUTCH message is shown and the coast down phase is recorded
  • Calibrate the ratio: (check the Ratio calibration topic)
  • Press “continue” or the start/stop button to enter the semaphore window
  • Prepare the vehicle at a speed below the starting RPM
  • Open full throttle. If in ramp mode, wait until the pre-load and stabilisation ends
  • The test will start automatically
  • When ending RPM is reached, the clutch message will be displayed, but the user can continue accelerating if the engine top speed has not been reached
  • Press the clutch / Enter Neutral and wait until the recording ends
  • The test will stop automatically when speed is below the point set at configuration (by default 50% between starting speed and ending speed)

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