ShockAnalyzer 2.1 Whats new?

ShockAnalyzer V2.1

Note: This page contains latest versions which still are being tested. downloading recent versions from this page the user accepts the possibility of having bugs, including bugs at features that were working previously, but have been recently modified

16/MAY/2024, release 2.1.25:

    • New: “cold temperature” start point has been moved to -40ºC to allow tests below 0ºC (but warning and critical threholds still start for settings over 0ºC)

12/JAN/2024, release 2.1.24:

    • Bug: Sensor lenght now it is updated as soon as it is edited to avoid confusions during the configuration, because when doing the speed and stroke tests it needs to have the actual length updated

4/APR/2023, release 2.1.23:

    • New: Store “new test” and “running” windows positions
    • New: When adding a new multi-speed profile now it cleans the speeds list

4/APR/2023, release 2.1.22:

    • New: Added support for serial power supplies (some shockabsorbers can change its operation applying external currents)
    • Bug: some special chars in the “PWS script” like “;” and “,” are now coded internally to avoid issues
    • Bug: It was altering the machine middle position setting when loading some tests, and the next tests got an offset in the position channel (speed was ok, but position was not)
    • Bug: When it was interpolating / extrapolating samples far from latest measured values the result was incorrect, now it detects those far samples and just uses the latest available value (in order to not generate abnormal values)
    • Bug: When printing several files with interpolation it took the interpolation data for all files from only one file (the latest selected in main window)
    • Bug: It was storing only one of the Max Temp values

11/NOV/2022, release 2.1.21:

    • New: Average Tests Function was using the transmission correction twice, then the result was too high
    • New: Added portrait vs landscape button to Report Window
    • New: “Backup Files” option added to help with the ‘corrupted files’ bug, but now it is fixed anyway
    • Bug: Report Graphs and dyno named trimmed to match landscape and portrait reports
    • Bug: Detailed Test: PFV chart was showing all tests (now it shows one test per page)
    • Bug: Detailed Test: Temperature graph didn’t have enough space (now it has some out-zoom and more space)
    • Bug: Snapshot Report: tests which are hidden were showing their data tables anyway
    • Bug: Comments generated by the test features list were replicating again and again
    • Bug: When editting a comment, the test marked as changed was not correctly assigned (and thus the changes may got lost when removing the tests)
    • Bug: When editting several tests and removing them in block, sometimes the SW stored they incorrectly and eventually some of them could get corrupted
    • Bug: Position Calibration (TDC, BDC) now discard the first samples to avoid having offsets

5/OCT/2022, release 2.1.20:

    • Bug: Ending “Glitch Filter” message was incorrect (from the language list)
    • Bug: Finish Language rised a runtime error during start due to the Date format

20/JUN/2022, release 2.1.19

    • New: Now the detailed report can change the lower graph between F.Vel and F. absolute Vel
    • Bug: After recording the multi-speed sequence, sometimes it recorded and additional subtest with a single turn at the last speed
    • Bug: The SW sometimes stores an additional “ghost” subtest, this subtest confuses the interpolation algorithm.  The calculation is fixed to not taking this subtest. It will be investigated later

27/MAR/2022, release 2.1.18

    • Bug: Interpolated values at both PFV and Report were always shown in system units (kg and mm/s), now are converted to user units (kg, N, Lb, mm/s, m/s. in/s)

15/DEC/2021, release 2.1.17

    • Bug: “Folders” tool to automatically arrange the new files has been added

15/DEC/2021, release 2.1.16

    • New: In Force/Speed vs Time modes we have added the temperature in the tracking label
    • Bug: When using Average function and FVP drawing mode (Force vs absolute Velocity) the transition from positive to negative and oposite didn’t reach V=0 point in most cases now the software does the suitable calculations to find the right point at V=0 to complete the graph
    • Bug: Temperature graphs were only drawn for the last loaded test, now all of them are shown and the colour is taken from the “position” table, not a fixed red color

30/AUG/2021, release 2.1.15

    • New: Speed linearization function (at Configuration) for those cases in which the VFD or the load makes the resulting speed non linear
    • Bug: Stopping at BDC option has temporary removed as it may lead to unsafe movements after the test
    • Bug: Average function has been reviewed, spring compensation was being applied twice (now it is fixed), also the first turn is now discarded as it tends to have lower speed and the starting point event is not so accurate as in the next turns. This means that for an average of 4 turns the test should have 5 turns. This is a temporary measure until the speed control and starting event are improved
    • Bug: Average function was applying the spring compensation twice

27/JUL/2021, release 2.1.14

    • New: Spring Test window has been modified to not show the “virtual 0 kg” scale (as it may add some confusion)
    • Bug: Spring Offset has been recalculated at Center (again). In versions 2.1.12 and 2.1.13 it was wrong (offset at zero position)

2/JUL/2021, release 2.1.13

    • Bug: Spring test sometimes got freezed
    • Bug: When the machine moves after the test sometimes the scale (force vs position) become narrower
    • Bug: The “View” checkbox didn’t work with the Average function. Also the colours were inverted with respect the non-averaged mode
    • Bug: Average function was not applying the spring compensation
    • Bug: Average function was not using the view/hide checkbox, and was not showing all tests
    • Bug: After loading 2 tests, and removing the last one, the SW has removed the grid data for the last one, but the graphs still are visible (it removed the graph data from the first one)

22/JUN/2021, release 2.1.12

    • New: Store calibration values and all filters within the test file (for support purposes)
    • New: Variable filter added to speed channel during recording. The filter has been added in a low level layer so the SW always have the data filtered and to avoid delays / dephases between the channels
    • Bug: After clicking over the column name row the “view” checkbox no longer worked
    • Bug: Glitch filter has been removed, as it was causing a strange transition in speed when changing from positive to negative
    • Bug: During the test recording, the graph preview had straight lines when changing the speed