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Brake Dynamometer DAQ and Controller

3195.00 €*
4195.00€* (AWD)
(Prices do not include VAT)

New SP5-AWD DAQ version!

The SP-5 dyno controller provides all the necessary hardware and software controliing an engine test bed dynamometer, or rolling road dynamometers. The SP-5 is a fully digital PID based closed-loop speed controller. It is the perfect tool for engine performance testing, ECU calibration, endurance testing, emissions etc.

The new SP5-AWD version provides electronic synchronization between front and rear axles for AWD operation

It is also capable of controlling a 2-HUB dynamometer using each roller channel for each brake (right and left brakes)

Installation: Installation and Setup Manual

What does SP5 kit include?

  • 1 x SP5 Data Aquisition unit
  • 1 x Hall Sensor, for roller / brake speed
  • 1 x Capacitive and Inductive clamps, for Engine RPM
  • 1 x Load Cell (several sizes available, see below)
  • 1 x Brake Power Supply (several voltages and currents available, see below)
  • 1 x SP5 to PWS cable adapter
  • 1 x Installation cables: Hall sensor extension, Serial Cable
  • 1 x USB to Serial adapter, with FTDI chip for the best compatibility

AWD Version:

  • AWD sync FW activation
  • 2nd Hall Sensor, for roller / brake speed
  • 2nd Load Cell
  • 2nd Brake Power Supply

What SP5 Kit does NOT include?

  • Other sensors apart from hall and load cell: Lambda, Weather Station, Pressure sensors, etc
  • Other Interfaces: OBDII, xDS (SDS, HDS, KDS)
  • Roller
  • Geartooth
  • Eddy current brake
  • Relays
  • Cooling Fans
  • VFDs (Variable Frequency Drive)
  • Dyno frame


  • SP5 unit provides a LCD display to ease installation
  • High Speed Ethernet connection
  • Control and monitoring of test engine and brake.
  • Remote control of dynamometer systems (throttle actuator, clutch actuator, gear shift, blowers etc.) from PC software.
  • Provides dual roller + cell channels and brake outputs to support AWD dynamometers, aswell as synchronization between rollers. AWD option needs extra parts as secondary brake power supply, secondary load cell, secondary hall sensor, and AWD Firmware)

Test/Control Modes

  • RPM Constant (engine speed)
  • Ramp Test (programmable slope)
  • Sequenced/Programmed Test
  • Step Test
  • Road Simulation (future version)

Input Specifications

  • 2 x Brake/Roller speed input
  • 1 x Engine Rpm Speed input (Capacitive and Inductive clamps)
  • 6 x Analog inputs (0-5v)
  • 8 x Thermocouple (type-k) Inputs
  • 2 x Load Cell input (16/24 bit accuracy and digital zero and gain adjust)
  • 1 x Pulse Counter Input (Ex. detonation counter)
  • 1 x Run/Stop Button (same as SP1)
  • 1 x Panic Button (Emergency Stop)

Output Specifications

  • 2 x PWM Brake Control Signal
  • 8 x Digital Outputs (12V Relays)
  • 1 x Air Speed Output (PWM 0-5v)
  • 1 x Servo output / Throttle (PWM 0-5v or RC pulse)

Connectivity Specifications

  • 1 x RS232 DB9 Connector
  • 1 x Ethernet RJ45 Connector
  • 1 x CANBUS (provision, future FW version)
  • 1 x Internal Bluetooth (available under request)

Load Cell

Available models

150 Kg 300 Kg 500 Kg 1000 Kg

Default load cell: 500 Kg

PWS1.5 Brake Power Supply 192V, 23A

Model GEN1.5 Brake Power Supply provides a faster brake response implementing a current control, between 3 and 4 times faster than the previous model 1.0

Note: PWS3.x is temporary out of stock

What Each SPx DAQ Implements

Roller Channels1122
Engine Channel1111
Analog Channels (0-5V)4466
Thermocouples (K)2288
Counter input (knock)2211
Load Cell Channels-1 (16 bit)1 (24 bit)2 (24 bit)
Brake Outputs--22
Servo Output1 RC*1 RC*1 RC / PWM1 RC / PWM
Airspeed Output--1 PWM1 PWM
Relay Outputs--88
Speed Control (PID)--12 + sync

Note: prices do NOT include VAT

What Each SPx Kit Contains

Hall sensor1112
Capacitive Clamp1111
Inductive clamp--11
Load Cell-112
Brake Power Supply--12
Power Cord1111
Ground Cable1111
SW CD1111

Note: prices do NOT include VAT


Rolling Road Dyno

SP5 Can be used on several types of rolling road dynamometers:

  • Motorcycle (single roller)
  • Car, 1 axle, single roller per wheel (or long single roller)
  • Car, 1 axle, twin roller per wheel (brake is mounted on the front rollers)
  • Car, 2 axle, single or twin roller per wheel, but only one axle at once
  • AWD Car: 2 axle, both axles operating at once. NOTE: this option has an extra cost!
  • Other dynos based on rollers, with a maximum of 2 speed sensors

Engine Testbed Dyno

Part List for a complete Engine Testbed installation:

  • SP5 unit. It can work stand alone or with the computer.
  • Computer. Win98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8.1.
  • Hall Effect Sensor. Included with SP5.
  • Gear Tooth. Installed on the eddy current brake to read its speed. For example 8 teeth.
  • Load Cell. It depends on the engine, typical values are 500 kg for bike engines and 1000 kg for cars, but it should be calculated.
  • Eddy Current Brake. 192 volt rated, it size depends on the application.
  • Power supply: Sportdevices control module + SCR & diode pack.
  • Throttle Servo (optional). A high torque RC servo can be used to drive the throttle.
  • Ignition and Starter Relays. 12 volt relays to control the engine. Additional relays can be installed on the SP5 to control the fans on the room.
  • Fans / Turbines. Some type of fans or turbines are needed to next functions:
    • Feed the air intake with fresh air from outside the room (inner air gets hot quickly) this turbine should be very high power (>2 KW, or >5KW) and high speed to simulate on-track conditions, a variable speed driver is recommended + frequency to voltage converter to use the brake speed.
    • Exhaust extraction, the pipes should be made with iron or steel because the high temperature of exhaust gas.
    • Engine coolant, water should by couled by a fan, a car's fan or a truck's fan can be used with a thermostat to ensure the water will be at a right temperature.
    • Engine and exhaust pipes cooling, when runing on the track the exhaust pipes are being cooled as the vehicle runs, but when working on the dyno they may get too hot and can be damaged. Certaint exhaust pipes can not work at high temperatures (for example: titanium)
  • Variable speed driver. It is recommended for air-intake turbine.
  • Frequency to voltage converter. It converts the brake speed to a voltage for the variable speed driver. Our F-V converter has a programmable transfer curve to let the user to adapt the turbine speed to the brake speed as he needs. An air speed sensor is recommended.

SP5 instalation (from Henning Larsen in Alicante, Spain)

Photos of GSXR engine test bed: