Brake Power Supply


NEW! PWS3.3 – 40 Amp Brake Power Supply. It provides a faster brake response implementing a current control, between 3 and 4 times faster than first model 1.0. PWS3.3 also include a Fast 32-bit MCU and CANBUS control/feedback

Improvements over PWS3.2:

  • Metallic shunts to handle currents up to 40A, and to create less dissipation (shunts provide higher accuracy and linearity than Hall sensors, as for example in PWS1.5)
  • Specific Current Amplifier: low noise, high linearity
  • 40 Amp Module in all units to match both 192V and 96V brakes
  • Isolated USB port to ease the Firmware updates (they are necessary very rarely)


  • Input Voltage: 230Vac
  • Freq: 50-65Hz
  • Voltage out: 50, 75, 100, 200 Vdc
  • Current out: up to 40 Amp!
  • Input Control Signal: PWM (2.4 KHz from SP4, SP5, SP6)
  • LINEAR INPUT: analog 0 to 5 volt
  • CAN Control / Feedback

Installation: PWS3.x and HS-PWS Installation and Setup Manual V1.6

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