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SP-3 Brake Based

1595.00 €*


SP-3 is a data adquisition hardware and Software for upgrading old brake based dynamometers, eddy current, water brake, etc.

Brake torque is measured by a load cell in a free floating eddy current, water brake or any other power absorber.

Note: SP3 DOESN'T CONTROL THE BRAKE. BRAKE CONTROL MUST EXIST ON THE DYNO. For a brake controller system please refer to SP4 (click here)

SmartPower SP-3 is a package that consists on:

SP-3 data acquisition unit
with 5 input channels:

  • Roller speed input
  • Engine rpm input
  • Thermocouple type K input (upto 1000°C)
  • General analog input
  • Load Cell input (Internal Load Cell amplifier)

And sensors

  • Digital inductive pickup to measure roller rpm
  • Capacitive pickup to measure engine rpm
  • Load Cell (range from 50 to 900 kg)
  • Installation cables and SportDyno software

What Each SPx DAQ Implements

Roller Channels1122
Engine Channel1111
Analog Channels (0-5V)4466
Thermocouples (K)2288
Counter input (knock)2211
Load Cell Channels-1 (16 bit)1 (24 bit)2 (24 bit)
Brake Outputs--22
Servo Output1 RC*1 RC*1 RC / PWM1 RC / PWM
Airspeed Output--1 PWM1 PWM
Relay Outputs--88
Speed Control (PID)--12 + sync

Note: prices do NOT include VAT

What Each SPx Kit Contains

Hall sensor1112
Capacitive Clamp1111
Inductive clamp--11
Load Cell-112
Brake Power Supply--12
Power Cord1111
Ground Cable1111
SW CD1111

Note: prices do NOT include VAT


Old water brake

Old water brake or eddy current dynamometers updating: Stuska, Go Power, SuperFlow, DTS, Schenck, Froude, Hofmann, AVL, Borghi & Saveri, Heenan and Froude

Roller dyno with friction brakes

Roller dyno with friction brakes.

Thrust Load Dynamometer testing

Thrust Load Dynamometer testing

This allow you to operate the engine through its full range, and get maximum horsepower output.

The computer collects static thrust data from transducers versus engine RPM.

* Prices don't include taxes.