SportDyno V4.1

Note: This page contains latest versions which still are being tested. downloading recent versions from this page the user accepts the possibility of having bugs, including bugs at features that were working previously, but have been recently modified

8/JUL/2024, release 4.1.74 BETA

  • New: TPS calibration tool has been also added to OBDII as some motorcycles using OBDII still need this calibration to get a standard 0-100% range.
  • New: TQ For CVTs, Option “Dynamic TQ” has been added to Aux Torque Channel options. The software will use the actual engine RPM channel to calculate the actual uncorrected Engine TQ as the CVT changes its ratio. Note: it is important that the Engine RPM Channel signal is the best quality as possible, as the calculation uses the Engine RPM in a raw way, without any previous processing.
  • Bug: After about 10 minutes of having gauges open (with the “keep gauges visible” option) they sometimes stop updating their values (needles still worked)
  • Bug: OBDII / XDS was not being interpolated. Also OBD Engine RPM (0x91) was not overwritting the Engine RPM channel (0x31)  (when blank)
  • Bug: Report, “start at min values” option didn’t work, it was always starting at 0 (HP and TQ)

11/JUN/2024, release 4.1.73

  • New: Load Cell Calibration Wizard: new arrangement of load cells (F1 and R1 are now one on top the other), and new car icons to show the arrangement of brakes in the car for HUB-2 and HUB-4 modes
  • New: WLTP cycle now uses full screen for ease the navigation / driving. Note that this function is still beta.
  • Bug: Report type 2, Temperature and Pressure units were not correctly translated to Impertial Units when selected.
  • Bug: Report type 2 used latest colours depending on the latest colour used for the selected channel (wheel power, torque, etc) in the texts below (weather station and other details)
  • Bug: When the device was switched off, the PWS telemetry (at PID monitor) was not showing the new ‘timeout’ status)
  • Bug: Bug: WLTP cycle was showing “1” in the time all time. General review to keep the operator area inside the visible window.
  • Bug: EGA comms reviewed
  • Bug: Printed Report and other scaling functions in the SW were not correctly updated when a custom scaling was being used in Windows
  • Bug: When using SP1 and prescaler > 1 it internally was using prescaler  = 1 (with incorrect speed readings)
  • When using fixed scales, after printing it was restoring the automatic scales
  • Bug: SP1, updating issues between prescaler & teeth and internal configuration
  • Bug: First time that gauges window was shown it was not in the realtime (fast) data mode, only when the test started the realtime mode.
  • Bug: Automatic Start: if there is a long overshoot, when the speed decreased until the target the test was starting immediately instead of doing the pre-load phase
  • Bug: Coast Down Polynom Filter: optimized to match the higher losses area
  • Bug: Gauges, after becoming disabled (roller channel stop) they could eventually get freezed at 0 value
  • Bug: Gauges, Roller RPM/Speed setting was resetted often to RPM, now it is kept as speed when selected.
  • Bug: Gauges with 2 channels assigned sometimes became “offline” (although reasigning the channels made them work again)

26/MAR/2024, release 4.1.72:

  • New: During the steady test if the “Store Step Test Results in the Comments Field” setting is enabled (at Sequencer Window) it will show automatically the Comments Window at the beginning of the test to show the results of each sub-test
  • New: ‘Dedicated’ fields for HP and TQ decimals (they will update all related channels)
  • New: Setting added to enable/disable the forced Uppercase in filenames and Vehicle attributes
  • New: MODBUS TCP (Beta)
  • New: Report type #2: the legend box can be set at any place (using percentages as position in the configuration)
  • New: Report (type screenshot and 1): Header Columns Width now can be editted at Registry, contact us for more information
  • Bug: Report type #1, the channels for the 2nd graph were shown also in the 1st graph. Now have been removed.
  • Bug: Report, the ref_line (for instance 13.5 for AFR) was displayed at main screen but not at the report
  • Bug: SP1 Incompatibility: when updating the Ratio at Gauges Window it was not updating certain internal variables and eventually it used to change to a previous value.
  • Bug: SP1 Incompatibility: when loading the CAN channels (also after entering the configuration window) it was sending “SP5-style” commands to the SP1 and this caused issues with the “number of teeth” setting
  • Bug: full review of the connection sequence, sometimes (if the gauges window were open) some of the controls (roller typically) become disabled
  • Bug: when maintenance message is shown at startup the connection with the DAQ is not completed
  • Bug: “Change Drive Mode” procedure has been optimized to avoid long delays due to Gauges CPU timing consumption (this happened only with the self-update mode)

22/DEC/2023, release 4.1.71:

  • New: Device CAN channels: increased support up to 32 channels. Needs a FW update in both SP5 and SP6
  • Bug: Remote Control ‘back’ button didn’t work after adding new codes for a new Remote Firmware Version (not finished yet)
  • Bug: Channels Config: Active channels feedback has been reviewed to ease the activation and deactivation of new CAN channels
  • Bug: Channels Config: when clicking in the left columns (blocked) it was activating the “hide” field
  • Bug: Runtime error AFTER printing
  • Bug: Didn’t store the CAN Kbaud setting
  • Bug: When the weather station values change it didn’t update automatically the corrections in the Realtime Gauges and then it didn’t match (100%) the readings in the recorded file

30/NOV/2023, release 4.1.70:

  • New: The max length field now is limited to 240 seconds (when using huge values the system showed a runtime error). Also, the language files have been reviewed because it was shown as (s) (seconds) in Nederlands
  • New: Steady Test: we are including some functions of the Step Test into the “manual” steady test
  • New: Colors window now update the result in realtime as the user changes the selection
  • New: SP5 “two sensors” mode has been modified from AWD Drive Mode (which calculates the average between both rollers and the roller diff) to  a similar mode to what SP6 implements: it records Front roller as main roller, and rear roller as auxiliary (in Front Drive Mode). This change needs the Legacy Mode OFF setting and a recent FW (later than 2.55)
  • New: “Compatibility Mode” has been renamed to “Legacy Mode” to make more clear that it is the mode that should be avoided. Indeed in such systems that use RWD and AWD modes, FW Versions previous to 2.56 should be updated to last FW version
  • New: Gauges: When changing the colour of a gauge it now allows to update the main window gauges too
  • New: Gauges. Now the highlight color is editable (at main config)
  • New: Alarms. When the Alarms window is closed it will show a message if there is any change (before applying the changes to the running alarms list)
  • New: Alarms. “Do not show Warning messages” changed to “Show Warning Messages” (more intuitive)
  • New: Alarms. Hysteresis (%) field added to allow safety thresholds to be applied, for instance for a control temperature fan
  • New: TQ at Right side setting has been splitted into two TQ and HP graph side settings
  • Bug: When editting gauges colors it sometimes updated the “Drive Mode” Text color
  • Bug: Speed Test Report: review on preview and printed reports (zoom was not working and it sometimes closed the program)
  • Bug: Gauge with “arc-band” option active were showing incorrect graphs
  • Bug: Gauges. faults when changing the Drive Mode Combo from a non active one to an active one (the gauges were not correctly setup during the connection if the axle was not active for that gauge)
  • Bug: Gauges. Scroller was not working (on self-update mode) the first time the Gauges were open with the SW (keep open mode)
  • Bug: Gauges. Background color was not editable (only in first releases of 4.1.70)
  • Bug: Gauges. When editting the main configuration or channels configuration it was not updating the gauges (if visible) In “self-update” mode, when Ratio was changed, TQ gauges were not updated
  • Bug: Alarms. Hysteresis (%) field was not stored correctly
  • Bug: In “self-update” mode, when Ratio was changed, TQ gauges were not updated
  • Bug: Gauges are all disabled during changing of Drive Mode to reduce the CPU overhead
  • Bug: It was forcing the Drive Mode to “Front” at startup
  • Bug: Average RPM and Time functions reviewed, they were not showing the average dotted line
  • Bug: Alarms. Channel Combo arranged to the key and name columns size
  • Bug: Alarms. It was creating unlimited “new rows”, now only when previous one is filled
  • Bug: Gauges: when an alarm changes the control to red, when changing back it could use the default style
  • Bug: When clicking on a roller gauge (in speed mode) the name of the units changed to “RPM” although the gauge still work correctly as speed
  • Bug: Gauges: Default colour for new controls was black, and eventually the numbers went black suddenly (only for new controls). Now the colour is correctly assigned
  • Bug: Gauges Window. When “DO NOT HOLD AT MAX RPM” was set it will not remmember the starting RPM the next time the SW is restarted
  • Bug: Gauges Window. RPM green buttons didn’t work
  • Bug: “Termo” Gauge now shows up to 2 decimals, and the steps have been reviewed to match a list of preferred steps (for instance 0.50 instead of 0.48 steps)
  • Bug: SP1+ Support: Prescaler, Send Commands, Settings Sync, and other topics related to SP1+ have been reviewed
  • Bug: It didn’t not store the graph side attribute at Channels Config Window
  • Bug: In the Auto Save and Manage Folders modes it was saving the file but after that it was marking it as ‘changed’, then it asked it again later when you wanted to closed it
  • Bug: Report: show second graph setting was not stored correctly at printer settings, it was lost when opening the config again

29/SEP/2023, release 4.1.69 (don’t use this with SP1+):

  • New: Report #2: 2nd graph has been added to the main report (for instance for lambda). It had been added before, but it had not the correct scale, now it has
  • New: Full review of Farenheit and InHg scales for thermocouples, OBDII Intake Temp, OBDII Coolant tem, and OBD WS correction
  • New: CAN channels 0x68 to 0x6F added for optional temperature correction (at gauges window)
  • New: XDS: New BMW interface (only F650GS and K-line models by now) BETA. If you are interested in testing it or adding more models please contact us
  • New: Send Email: a timer has been added to avoid sending a new email while the previous message was still shown (it lead to a runtime error)
  • New: Send Email: A combo list has been added to store *all* emails
  • New: Diagnosis menu added to Test Menu, to show certain combination of channels useful to see if a test or a dyno is correctly setup
  • New: SendEmail option added to Report and also for Diagnosis
  • New: USB HID Throttle Controller support (Logitech Flight Quadrant) (contact us for activation)
  • New: No more that one instance of the SW is allowed at a time (there is a setting in the registry to disable this)
  • New: Air Speed Function added to the Remote menu. By default step is 20%
  • New: Reset Odometer option added to gauges window
  • New: Add more space to the upper part of the graphs (enabled only in Registry)
  • Bug: Export/Import Profile functions have been reviewed for exporting/importing correctly the ‘Static Losses’ data
  • Bug: SW sometimes confuses SP1+ and SP3 and also applies SP3 restrictions (no ramp, no steady) to SP1+, which can implement them
  • Bug: It was not showing the FTDI ports for new adapters (FT231X chip instead of FT232R chip). A new filter has been added to show them
  • Bug: After opening the Load Cell Wizard (it sets AWD), the new tests will be AWD. Now it resets the previous Drive Mode
  • Bug: With Gauges Window open, the SW was recalculating TQ, aux TQ and HP scales and giving bad results (incorrect scale)
  • Bug: Report: Engine Power Graph was not adjusted to the available space as the other graphs were
  • Bug: Report: it was not taking the actual page size limits (after selecting the printer), then some of the latest texts were going to a second or 3rd page
  • Bug: Gauges: when “self-update” function was disabled the scrollers had a random operation
  • Bug: Gauges: “Find Hidden Controls” function was checking only the controls (gauges), now the relays box and the Transmission Status Label have been added too
  • Bug: Review of the connection process, it was getting stuck when the Gauges window was open (in self-update mode)
  • Bug: Gauges: when a channel drops to zero, the peak indicator will never go zero again (due to the new self-update function: lack of changes in the channel)
  • Bug: Gauges: Peak Decay Percent has been reviewed (previous peak decay time wasn’t working). Suggested values are from 1% (slow) to 50 % (fast)
  • Bug: SW was allowing to enable the (advanced) “disable SP5 compatibility mode” with SP1 and this was affecting to the analog scale. Now it only applies to SP5
  • Bug: Fixes a strange bug that happens when the Test Mode  =Ramp buttion has the focus in the Gauges Window and the test starts: it was changing to Brake mode, while the selected mode was RAMP
  • Bug: When adding the lambda correction channel it didn’t use the specified channel (for instance a CAN channel), and it was still using the ‘char’ format, instead of the HEX format
  • Bug: Print Report Type #1: when “data in second page” is selected the graph was half of its width. Now it is only half when data is the first page
  • Bug: Print Report Type #1: Second Graph does not show correctly the channels for other channels different than Lambda, if Lambda is not visible
  • Bug: When loading the Gauge’s properties (properties window) it was showing always less checkboxes active
  • Bug: CAN definition files default path is fixed now to “C:DynoTestsCAN”
  • Bug: It was showing only F1 and R1 inertia in a “4-Sensors” AWD dyno (now it shows also F2 and R2)
  • Bug: Configuration Import Config and Gauges Import Config functions now check the type of the file to give an error message if the user is loading an incorrect type (they have different extensions, but it can be done removing the filters)

19/MAY/2023, release 4.1.68:

  • New: Ratio update now is DISABLED when starting the test recording process. Note that ratio shouldn’t be changed while the SW is waiting for a specific speed or braking
    And also Ratio update is ENABLED when going back to gauges window
  • New: Italiano, Neerlands, German, Portuguese, and Spanish languages reviewed (text sizes and un-translated sentences)
  • New: Keys for translated channel names now are written in HEX to avoid problems with special chars
  • New: self-update-gauges can be disabled now
  • New: In order to not cause confusions, now most of the “Test” menu options are disabled when there are no tests
  • New: Added Copy & Paste Functions at Sensor Linearisation Table / Grid (Channels)
  • New: Ramp start and end can be defined now also as speed (for CVT transmissions and for Road Simulation mode)
  • New: Voltage array increased to 20 rows
  • New: Managed Folders mode, now disables “change dir” and “autosave” (default ON) settings to avoid confusions
  • New: Road Simulation: AWD drive mode (combo) now has been added to the WLTP test
  • New: Road Simulation: WLTP threshold can be defined in the CSV file. Also the speed end field now it is optional
  • Bug: Gauges self update: the power gauge was showing extremly low value
  • Bug: “Use Last Coasting Data” was not working
  • Bug: “Print Dyno Details” option didn’t show any info (it was out of the printable range)
  • Bug: If no tests were loaded, it raised a runtime error when clicking on “Import Test settings”
  • Bug: Now the SW checks if the groups data is empty, if so, it restores the default values. This is also important to allow re-installing old versions (4.1.61 rised a runtime error if the groups data was left empty)
  • Bug: Weather Station had a bug in some computers that rised a “runtime error 13” related to the ambiental pressure
  • Bug: Ratio calculation was wrong due to changes in the way the brake channel is processed
  • Bug: Was not storing the Weather values when used manually
  • Bug: Road Simulation: rpm start & rpm end were not shown in road simulation mode
  • Bug: Road Simulation: AWD drive mode (combo) now has been added to the WLTP test
  • Bug: Now in “5252” crossing mode, the SW also sets automatically AUX TQ to “Uncorrected Torque” so uncorrected HP (raw/wheel) matches uncorrected Engine TQ
  • Bug: Now “Steady-Inertial” tests can be marked as inertial or as braked, depending on wether the load cell has to be considered or not
  • Bug: Engine Inertia compensation reviewed to ensure it is only applied to the acceleration part, as during coast down the engine is disconnected from the dyno, and only at Engine Power, not wheel power
  • Bug: Problems when tracking the graph (with the mouse) when the DAQ was ON!
  • Bug: When choosing SP1+ in the config window it was not showing the PID frame
  • Bug: When a test was loaded it was applying the ‘general’ roller filter setting, instead of the file’s setting
  • Bug: Test Data: Brand and Model combos didn’t update the test name in the managed mode
  • Bug: Channels Window: the column “HIDE” didn’t work correctly
  • Bug: Report type #1: the second graph channels were also replicated in the first main graph
  • Bug: External Sources: CAN didn’t receive data (only when CANopen was enabled)
  • Bug: Weather Station: When it was disabled it didn’t allow to edit manually the fields, now it is fixed (it only gets in “red” when there is port selected but the connection does not work)
  • Bug: Engine Inertia correction was modifiying the whole test, now it only modifies the acceleration part (as the engine is disengaged from the gearbox during the coast down phase). Gearbox inertia is considered part of the transimission inertia. Note that this is an ADVANCED function, if you don’t know how it works it is better not using it
  • Bug: The “Transmission Correction” field was not admiting negative values (they shouldn’t be used anyway)

5/APR/2023, release 4.1.67:

  • New: “Auto LPF” (Automatic Low Pass Filter) option added
  • New: Gauges: new option to block the gauges (movement and resize)
  • New: Maintenance Number of Tests (default 1000) now can be edited at registry
  • New: Second Weather Station operation has been added. Note that only the first WS is used to correct the HP and TQ
  • Bug: Now it stores last Print Preview Zoom setting
  • Bug: OBDII didn’t open always in background (it was working when opening the OBDII window)
  • Bug: Blinking reviewed in OBDII and xDS values (gauges)
  • Bug: Some Scroller controls had stopped working (PID monitor and Gauges Window), fixed
  • Bug: When using the “Folders Managed” mode the SW no longer allows to rename the files (tags still can be renamed), as it causes issues with the file Path creation
  • Bug: Report. Some colours of the background gradient created a runtime error, now it is fixed

28/FEB/2023, release 4.1.66:

  • New: REPORT: Upload button for the watermark file
  • New: REPORT: Weather data now is unified in one single field “25 C, 55%, 990 mbar” for simplicity
  • New: REPORT: background can be now also a configurable gradient
  • New: Preliminary version of “Ramp vs Pressure” function. Press CTRL + SHIFT + R to show the “Advanced Ramp” settings, and enable the function in the second tab. Note that the channel for turbo pressure has to be choosen
  • New: “Open Throttle at start” and “throttle ON value” have been connected now. (Throttle value ON is also used to toggle between 0 and this value when pressing CTRL+F12)
  • Bug: Engine Inertia Correction Enable setting was not correctly stored in the previous tests (anyway we don’t recommend using this correction unless you are 100% sure about how it works)

24/JAN/2023, release 4.1.65:

  • New: Delay field has been added to alarms window, some events should not arise a warning if they last less than certain time. It is not applied for critical levels
  • New: “Em. Stop” event at alarms window, now it allows to disable all relays
  • New: Edit Static Losses Table: new Copy & Paste functions (full table), activated with the right mouse button over the table
  • New: Displacement “combo” now is editable so the user can type any engine displacement value, and the list has been populated with more values. Anyway this is an informative field only. It may be used with the engine inertia calculation, but that is an advanced feature, we don’t recommend to use it unless you are 100% sure about how it works
  • Bug: When editing the ‘static losses’ list the SW allowed to edit the cells even when the grid was disabled (gray)
  • Bug: Alarms: “OK” button changed to “update” button. In addition an explanation has been added to clarify that alarms do not update “on-the-fly” for safety reasons
  • New: Added field ‘Check Only if Running’ to alarms function for those values that only have a meaning when the system (brakes) is running, like oil pressure
  • Bug: When importing a configuration the first time the SW is ran it rises a runtime error. It didnt rise the error again after it was executed at least once

28/DEC/2022, release 4.1.64:

  • New: SP1+: added air-speed function (it needs a wire in the PCB), and added support in the software
  • New: Report: now it shows “Power” for engine dyno vs “Power at wheels” for vehicle dyno
  • New: Gauges Window: Throttle Box and Steady RPM box now are not blocked during the test
  • New: PID advanced options (2): debug channel 0x5C Enable Option added to get feedback from CAN Servo
  • New: Checkbox added to test options at Gauges Window to open Throttle to 100% at the beggining of the test (the most common option). It can be disabled for partial opening tests
  • Bug: Updated IXXAT (CAN) driver: bytes not received (DLC < 8) contained garbage
  • Bug: When adding new controls to gauges they got stuck (only worked after restarting the window)
  • Bug: “Tool tips” at some configuration boxes were incorrect (copy&paste error)
  • Bug: reviewed potentiometer (reference) operation with stepper motor
  • Bug: Alarms window nos has been expanded to max alarms, and additional checks have been added to not overpass the maximum allowed amount
  • Bug: Power and TQ gauges were not using the conversion scale (watt -> HP)
  • Bug: Scroller was not working correctly since the self-refresh timer addition (previous version)
  • Bug: Throttle was set to 100% always at the beginning of the test, now it kepts the latest setting
  • Bug: When edditting a test which is not visible in the grid the modifications went to a visible test, for instance when editting comments
  • Bug: OBDII: overrun at receive buffer fixed

30/NOV/2022, release 4.1.63 (do not use):

  • New: Added self-refresh timers on gauges window to improve the response on high CPU load (for instance when a very long test is recorded)
  • New: External CAN Tool: Big endian / little endian can be defined now also to line level, after the ‘key’ field. If it is blank it will take the endianess from the header, but BE / LE can be specified now also at line level
  • New: Slip Compensation has been moved from EHP to WHP to have more realistic WHP figures

(since the power measured at rollers is lower than the power provided by the wheels, due to the tyre slippage)

  • New: “Variable Compensation Table” now is stored with the test file when this method is enabled
  • New: Nissan Leaf driver integrated in OBDII.DLL (it is hidden, send us an email)
  • New: Alarms now will stop engine and stop the sequencer if it was active for the former “stop engine” option
  • New: When importing the test setup if the “use last coasting data” option is enabled it will take also the coasting data from the test
  • New: Report Type #2: “Torque” text changed to “Torque at Engine”
  • New: Report Type #2: “Aux Torque” text changed to each TQ type (TQ at roller, Thrust, Uncorrected TQ)
  • Bug: Report: “show power at wheel” option was disabled in “report type #2”, now it enabled for type 1 and 2
  • Bug: Gauges window didn’t show an updated relays box (when gauges window was opened the first time)
  • Bug: SP1+ was not storing the MAC in the test files
  • Bug: SP1+ was not storing the MAC in the test files
  • Bug: “Use Last Coasting Data” option didn’t apply the data correctly to new tests
  • Bug: Report Screenshot and type #1: When “data at second page” is selected the graph in the first page still is half of its size. Now it is half when data is at its right, but full size when data is at second page
  • Bug: Ramp didn’t start the first time it was used
  • Bug: Average Tests Function was using the transmission correction twice, then the result was too high

20/OCT/2022, release 4.1.62:

  • New: Support to new firmware SP1 V4D (not SP1+): number of teeth and prescaler are now synchronized automatically. Data frame with checksum has been added to data transmission (same as braked DAQs)
  • New: Variable ‘w’ (wheel diameter) added for calculated channels to allow calculating the Wheel Torque: [C80] = “C3B / d * w” (using ROLLER torque as Aux Channel: 0x3B)
  • Bug: popup window added to the clean up list, it has been reported that in some cases after closing the software the window didn’t close
  • Bug: CAN channels had a conflict with OBDII channels in certain conditions and they were showing 0 after the External Data Sources Window was closed
  • Bug: EHP was incorrectly calculated due to a bug when adding the ‘w’ variable. Now it is fixed
  • Bug: It was taking the “enable engine inertia correction” from the main configuration, not from the tests

28/SEP/2022, release 4.1.61:

  • New: FOS 2 Stroke Weather Correction added
  • NeW: Small lines added to gauges (optional)
  • New: Ratio Tool Calculator
  • New: Added a safety check for data transmission. Data transmission rarely stops during monitoring or during a test, but in very long tests (> half an hour) we have reported that sometimes data is stopped and the test cannot continue. We have added an internal monitor function to restore the transmission when this happens (despite it happens very very few times), so special long endurance tests are not lost for a very rare event that cannot be replicated on purpose and thus fixed
  • Bug: if WLTP file used a gear below 0 or higher than 6 it was rising a runtime error
  • Bug: WLTP: seconds in time value were not ok (00:70 instead of 01:10). Also the offset of the moving target (circle) now is corrected
  • Bug: Event SHIFT UP + Fkey UP was not captured (only Fkey UP + SHIFT UP), now it is captured too to disable the “red” delays. 20/SEP: Events also captured for the test setup area (not only from the gauges area)
  • Bug: Averaging test didn’t calculate the maximums correctly
  • Bug: “Key UP” event was not captured in the gauges window (when relay panel is active at gauges window), it was only captured at main window
  • Bug: Device CAN channels: moved raw scale to user scale since those CAN channels could be used for other CAN devices, then the raw scale was not able to be modified
  • Bug: After editting the gauges in the main window the software was losing the changes if entering in the channels window (now all changes are stored immediately)
  • Bug: Relays Box at Gauges Window : Rename funcion was not working
  • Bug: Relays Box at Gauges Window was not updated from the names at main window
  • Bug: Relays shortcuts (tool tip text) was not shown over the relay name, only at certain places of the button (with no text)
  • Bug: Logs have been reviewed to ensure they will not create overflows during a session of several days
  • Bug: HP polynom filter sometimes had a bad peak at the end, now it cleans the whole channel before doing the recalculation
  • Bug: When printing more than one test but only one was selected it rised an overflow error. Now it is controlled when there are no more files to print

31/AUG/2022, release 4.1.60:

  • New: Now the “Use latest open file’s folder to save new files” option will be disabled when the “Managed Folders” button is ON (at Gauges Window)
  • New: The “set throttle value” at configuracion is now used as a maximum. If the user keep it to 0, then the CTRL+F12 key will toggle between 0 and last throttle value used (say 70%), and it will update the value used as “last throttle value” when the throttle is moved manually. If the “set throttle value” is higher than zero then it will always use this value (say 90%), to toggle between 0 and this value when pressing CTRL+F12
  • New: Throttle Key (F12 at Gauges Window) has been changed to CTRL+F12 to avoid the conflict with F12-Print at Main Window. Now it uses CTRL+F12 in all contexts
  • Bug: Correction Setting “Update Friction Channel after Transmission Compensation” was not updated in the test and thus not correctly recalculated when editted
  • Bug: AWD KP and AWD TI settings were not updating the dyno profile, and the next time the SW was started the changes are lost. Now it is fixed

31/JUL/2022, release 4.1.59:

  • New: Added a fixed brake button to the Ratio Calibration Window so some cars (like X6) that are unstable during the ratio calibration (under NO load) can be easilly calibrated with a light load
  • New: Now the Load Cell Calibration Window sets the AWD mode when working with a SP5 kit (SP1+ and SP6 do not need this command)
  • New: Option added (at corrections window) to import the corrections from an existing test when the ‘Import Test Setup’ option is used (corrected in 19/JUL)
  • New: Added setting “Apply Changes to Drive Mode Label” to Box Properties window to update the colour to the “FWD/RWD/AWD” label or not
  • Bug: Report type #2. When the HP & KW mode is used, it was not taking the weather correction into account and HP & KW values didn’t match the value from the test (when correction was a significant value)
  • Bug: Steady Mode: issues when updating from Steady RPM Target to its reference in Speed (for vehicle dynos), or to its reference in Flywheel RPM (for engine dynos)
  • Bug: Second graph (normally lambda) was half size than main graph (for report type #1)
  • Bug: When clicking in the “view” field of the test list, it sometimes showed or hided the wrong test
  • Bug: When calculating averaged intervals between two RPM, the conversion to time (when displaying graphs vs time) there was an error offset of +1.0 seconds
  • Bug: 2nd View mode reviewed:
    • After editting the groups (at channels window) it now updates the current view
    • When doing zoom out, when it reaches the minimum it also resets the “offset Y” for the 2nd view (before only main view)
    • Difficult to select on another visible channel
    • Allow to choose other channels from the channel list (at left side) and from the contextual menu (right-click)

    29/JUN/2022, release 4.1.58:

  • New: Scroller now has an auto-adjust feature (beta)
  • New: In the exporting options it now takes all visible channels from the main window as default. “All” and “none” options still are present
  • New: Engine RPM filter function reviewed, now it removes more glitches and filters the resulting data. Anyway alternating glitches (8010, 16020, 8030, 16040, etc) cannot be fixed yet
  • New: Graph XY: added “legend” (box with channels max values and the point at which they happen in the “X” channel)
  • Bug: After loading a test, the first time it was recalculated it showed different results than when loaded. Adter the 2nd recalculation the results were again normal. This came from the setting “add load cell during coasting” which was not correctly initialised
  • Bug: Updating Static Losses to curent test has been reviewed (was not updating until the window is closed)
  • Bug: In only-acceleration tests when clearing the losses channel it sometimes left some peak at the end of the graph and this peak was then copied to EHP and ETQ. Now the losses channel is totally cleared and there are no more peaks
  • Bug: Temporary bug (in an intermediate 4.1.58 upload) when adding the power and torque results in the test name due to the ‘*’ char in the N*m unit, now it writes only Nm
  • Bug: “Red Flag” after connection process removed
  • Bug: The brake slider remains at its last value in the gauges window, even if the current mode is not brake
  • Bug: Fixed Ratio value was not being sent to SP1+ (it was to SP4,5,6). Now it is fixed
  • Bug: When removing a channel, or changing to another test in which the channel does not exist, the cursor remains floating when tracking with the mouse
  • Bug: When loading tests with calculated channels they were overwritten to 0. Channels were available again after forcing a recalculation. Now the channels are loaded normally and not overwritten

31/MAY/2022, release 4.1.57:

  • New: Load Cell Calibration now allows using the Remote to help the procedure (when the computer is far):
    Press “NEXT” for selecting the next Calibrate button, or “OK” button at the end
    Press “Back” button to perform the calibration in the selected (yellow) button
  • New: When editting the “AWD Link Compensation” it will reevaluate the “rollers array” (when the link is enabled it will record both axles, while when not enabled it will record only the selected axle)
  • New: Full MODBUS (RS485) implementation. It needs the CAN license to be active. For more information please contact us
  • New: Wheel Base (informative) field added to Gauges Window
  • New: Previous tyre size format was only like 255/55/18, now it accepts several combinations: 255/55/R18, 255/55R18, 255/55 R18
  • New: Gauges CPU usage tool added: when the drawing time exceeds 10 ms it will start to show a small square at top-left corner. Orange: 10-15 ms, Red: 15 to 19 ms. Magenta: more than 19 ms. Gauges Window may cause delays in the software and recording when exceeding 15 or 20 ms. That can be caused by BIG gauges (hidden or visible)
  • Bug: XY mode reviewed: CTRL+F3 (it was not calculating the max for X axle)
  • Bug: Report Line thickness reviewed (it was not taking the setting from the report settings, only using the “highlight selected test” setting)
  • Bug: Group by Test/Channel button now shows “pressed”/”unpressed” state depending on its state
  • Bug: It didn’t store the “AWD Link Enabled” setting, and it could result into unexpected results when it was enabled in a 2WD test
  • Bug: HP and TQ gauges got disabled after a run in certain conditions (keep gauges visible setting) due to a wrong internal state after the run. They can get enabled by clicking over them. Anyway now it is fixed
  • Bug: The relative brake map value (% over brake base) was not updating the absolute brake map value (% over 100%)
  • Bug: Review in power calculations to avoid tests to be recalculated when loaded and it is not necessary (it is necessary if the auxiliary torque channel has to be added)
  • Bug: Sequencer-Excel had a runtime error and didn’t show the correct background colours
  • Bug: SP5/SP6 Ethernet bug: eventually the DAQ may loss the Ethernet connection and the user tried to re-scan the connections, as the DAQ was not responding it finally ends assigning the IP to ‘localhost’ (losing the original IP: Now the previous IP is kept. Anyway this bug comes from the Firmware (it is fixed in the latest versions. If you are experiencing this problem often please contact us for a Firmware update
  • Bug: It was not recording the “original HP” and “TQ” fields in the file

29/APR/2022, release 4.1.56:

  • New: Remove invert cell calibration button
  • New: A new setting “show only WHP” has been added to configure other settings in an automatic way and ease the process for those users that only need WHP measurements. The amount of pre-sets could be increased in the future
  • New: Average HP function has been splited now into Average WHP and Average EHP
  • New: Time decimals increased to 2
  • New: Time scale reviewed for times greather than 1 hour. New syntax: 1h00m00.00
  • New: Correction and Losses fields have been moved to a dedicated window to ease its operation for both new tests and existing tests with all related settings at the same window
  • Bug: When importing channels the SW was not recording the channels in the Registry, and in the next startup channels still were at the previous version
  • Bug: SP5 with latest firmware: It was showing 2.5V for 5V input. In the new data mode (disabling compatibility mode) SP5 analog scale was 14 bit, now it has been UNIFIED with SP6 (15 bit) to avoid problems in the future.
  • Bug: When “show only WHP” was clear it always showed both values (WHP, EHP), even in the “Power at engine” mode. Now it only shows EHP in this mode
  • Bug: SP1+: when doing connection process sometimes one of the parameters is not correctly synchronized and acceleration and power show x4 times its real value
  • Bug: Warning Max and Min function at gauges window was not working
  • Bug: Printer Window had a runtime error when the software was used in (very) big screens
  • Bug: Report type #1: when EHP didn’t exist it still was showing a column in the test data with 0’s values. Now it changes to WHP values
  • Bug: Mouse tracking over HP and TQ graphs has been improved when “Polynom HP filter” is used, to reach the latest data available (the polynom regenerates the data to reach the top rpm)
  • Bug: Report: tests without EHP only show TQ in screenshot and type #1 mode
  • Bug: Report: when all column fields are cleared the graph was overlaping the logo, but now at least the test name will be always shown

24/MAR/2022, release 4.1.55:

  • New: Correction and Losses fields have been moved to the test / gauges window to ease its operation for new tests (this is the beginning of a complete rearrangement of those settings that will be completed in the next version)
  • New: Scales are now grouped (for channels of same type) so the scale numbers are shown only once (channel names still are shown for each one)
  • New: Default charset field has been added to Registry in case special character (like lambda in Greek charset) wants to be used with a standard language like English
  • New: Odometer add as internal calulated channel (meters). By now it cannot be reseted during a session (only restarting the SW) and it is not stored in the registry (it will start at 0 next time)
  • New: HP/KW button added
  • Bug: When using the Report type #2 the comments were always from first and second tests, regardless if they were disabled / hidden
  • Bug: SP6 scale for Analog inputs was internally twice than the actual value (shown in the SW)
  • Bug: Sentences reviewed in several windows for French and German Language
  • Bug: 2 view mode: reviewed racking in the second window

9/MAR/2022, release 4.1.54:

  • New: Report Type #2 now can show the numeric results in HP and KW at same time
  • New: Stepper motor support (under development). Needs a different firmware by now.
  • New: New option to allow the test to be named with the power and torque results (after the test is done)
  • New: Added a checkbox to enable a postfix in the test name with the Test mode used
  • New: Vehicle database has been added to help when filling the test details. This database (vehicles.csv file) will be growth from time to time by us
  • New: Gauges Window: Relays box now is sizable
  • Bug: When HP-dataframe (CAN) was enabled for SP5/SP6, it was being sent to SP1 too and caused some problems (as SP1 cannot process it)
  • Bug: Number of teeth issue with SP1 and SP3 from version 4.1.52 fixed (-INF power / TQ)
  • Bug: Report Type #2: Enable Second Chart setting was always disabled (for printing auxiliary channels), now it can be modified
  • Bug: Report Type #2: When ‘Enable Second Chart’ setting was ON the main graph was incorrectly smaller (for printing auxiliary channels), but in type #2 all channels are shown in the main graph
  • Bug: Configuration Synchronization list has been reviewed, some of the configuration parameters were only verified with SP6. They were ok if configured with the SP5 connected, but not if the DAQ was connected later
  • Bug: Gauges Import / Export: config files were not correctly imported (colours). Also background was not imported
  • Bug: Gauges Properties: number of decimals shown in the box was always 0. Also it didn’t store the change in the number of decimals
  • Bug: After a manually commanded ratio calibration the test starts

10/FEB/2022, release 4.1.53: (DO NOT USE WITH SP1/SP3)

  • New: Stepper motor configuration added (on going)
  • New: Vechicle Brand And Model list added (for gauges window)
  • New: Report type #2: option added to disable the “legend” box
  • New: Report type #2: “secondary chart” channels (report type #1) now will be shown also in this report
  • New: Added a tool to compare 2 tests. It creates new channels for the difference of WHP, TQ and EHP between the 2 tests
  • New: HDS (HONDA) Interface, table 0x17 added
  • Bug: When starting the software it didn’t verify the drive mode, specially when the gauges window was open from the beginning. This could lead to troubles (DAQ mode didn’t match the SW mode)
  • Bug: It was not applying the thermocouple and analogue filters to the input (it was working only for graph filters)
  • Bug: XDS connection loop optimized to not take too much CPU when the connection is not performed (in a loop)
  • Bug: (potential) glitches in roller channel make the test to stop (do not happen often)
  • Bug: Reviewing the HP peaks recalculation when applying polynomial filters. Specially at coasting polynom
  • Bug: Reviewed some problems with HP Polynomial filter (recalculating the peak value)
  • Bug: When “coasting ends at” was set to 0% the test stopped as soon as it started
  • Bug: Runtime error ‘6’ (overflow) fixed, after doing a run

25/JAN/2022, release 4.1.52: (DO NOT USE WITH SP1/SP3)

  • New: Gauges Window. 2WD/AWD label colour now can be editted
  • New: External sources, CAN Listener: Remove any strange chars: “Byte order mark” (EF BB BF)
  • New: Reviewed “Disable SP5 compatibility” (with SW3.8 and older) mode for SP5-RWD mode (this does not apply to SP6)
  • New: Reviewed Sportdyno Stop Options (Engine OFF shouldn’t be default now)
  • New: Linked dyno management has been added (AWD Link Setting, AWD correction, rollers vs transmission combinations)
  • New: Road simulation, a “trial” mode has been added to allow the user to train the cycle procedure before doing a real execution
  • Bug: when choosing between graphs of different tests with different channels (normally channels from ECU) the software crashed. Also the list of available channels in the contextual menu (right-mouse button) was always from the last test
  • Bug: Was not storing the “brake % during coasting” value. This affects to inertial tests with brake during coasting. Previous tests can be fixed by editing this field to any value > 0. This version fixes this bug for NEW tests
  • Bug: There was a bug when saving BMP images, in addition Chinese Language file, line 244 only included BMP format, which caused the SW to fail
  • Bug: Screenshot report now takes the “show peaks” setting from the main screen, which is the expected behaviour for ‘screenshot’ the peaks report setting becomes grayed in screenshot type mode)
  • Bug: Was not checking correctly the SPx version at certain part of the first connection (when it sets some default values)
  • Bug: PID monitor updating issue: When changing Drive Mode in PID monitor the roller channels that become not available were showing the last value, instead of becoming disabled (“-“)
  • Bug: Speed vs number of teeth calculation when number of teeth was different for each axle has been reviewed

22/DEC/2021, release 4.1.51:

  • New: “Change Slope” field has been added again to the “change ramp” feature
  • New: WLTP test cycle is being developed. We have added a zoomed window to ease the operation during the test
  • Bug: MODBUS Analog channels got disabled when the (CAN) ECU Listener was enabled
  • Bug: When entering the formula in the losses table the rows after the “max roller” rpm is reached were not cleared. The result could be confusing if there were older values
  • Bug: When changing the weather correction type and updating the loaded tests the SW was assigning a fixed “1” to all tests, instead of the suitable correction factor for each one

10/DEC/2021, release 4.1.50:

  • New: XDS. ECU Type and ECM ID are added to the New Test at the OBDII protocol field
  • New: Report Options moved to Preview Window
  • New: Report: “copy to clipboard” and zoom tools (mouse wheel) added
  • New: Popup after test: now it will show only vehicle brand and model if these fields have a value, instead of the full filename (which can be too long)
  • New: Number boxes didn’t get the current channel names when starting the SW
  • Bug: XDS. Test Channels list is updated everytime a XDS channel is enabled/disabled (previously it was updated only during the DAQ connection)
  • Bug: Report: When clicking on ‘print’ from main window it crashed
  • Bug: Report Options: “Upload logo” button didnt work
  • Bug: Report: When using ‘snapshot’ and ‘chart’ type report and no table data, the graph didn’t expand to the whole sheet

24/NOV/2021, release 4.1.49:

  • New: Exhaust Gas Analyzers added: Kane, MEXA 584L
  • New: Settings “Disable Load Cell During Coasting” and “Brake During Coasting” have been moved to options tab (from “hidden” advanced options tab)
  • New: New slowing mode (after the test) added: fixed BRAKE (in addition to Ramp mode), as ramp mode is a bit unstable depending on the dyno)
  • Bug: “Disable Load Cell during Coasting” and “Brake during coasting” settings reviewed to ensure the load cell is applied only to the suitable cases
  • Bug: At config window, when changing the profile selector, the default axle selector was not updated automatically in certain conditions
  • Bug: When using Polynomial HP, latest samples (not used for graph) could eventually give “INFINITE” values (HP), now all samples out of graph are ignored
  • Bug: Now the combination of: engine / WHP test and “polynomial HP” filter ensure that the test reach the highest RPM recorded during the run, regardless the value of the Low Pass Filter, although we recommend to use low or medium values (0.2 to 0.5)
  • Bug: When using “polynomial HP” filter the SW was recalculating the torque to have the same “smoothness” as in power graph, but if the test didn’t have coasting this was skipped (engine tests, hub tests without coasting, etc)
  • Bug: Under certain conditions (inertial tests, and tests without coasting), the load cell was still being used, this was causing the some tests slighly changed its power if the test was recalculated
  • Bug: Gauges Window: The Brake slider didn’t work the first time (it was working if manually switching to braked mode)
  • Bug: PID monitor only was showing certain controls, when screen is big, they didn’t reach the left side (room without controls)
  • Bug: When loading old tests the weather correction settings were recalculated (it shouldn’t)
  • Bug: The tracking label didn’t reach the end of the graph
  • Bug: SP5/SP6, Relays compatibility with old FW (when the DAQ does not identify the type of relays the SW was assuming the new type, driven by ON/OFF events)
  • Bug: Was not loading the last position and size for the main window
  • Bug: WS main icon was not updated if the Gauges Window was open during startup

21/OCT/2021, release 4.1.48:

  • Bug: Aux TQ was not correctly printed in the report (type 2)
  • Bug: “Hide Negative Part” menu could be set but not unset
  • Bug: AUX TQ: When loading a new test and there is an auxiliary TQ mode selected, now the SW checks if the channel is in the test, and if not, it asks the user if it should be added
  • Bug: After updating the font size of all controls, some windows need a special size for certain controls, like the MODE label in Gauges Window, or load cell readings in Load Cell Wizard
  • Bug: Screenshot report: After displaying the report, it usually changed the visible channels
  • Bug: Reports: “show all peaks” option added when the peaks are enabled
  • Bug: Report 1 and 2: hide negative is now activated to avoid negative segments in WHP and other graphs (not for screenshot). Also after printing it was changing this setting in main window
  • Bug: Report 2: WHP at whp peak and WHP at ehp peak have been differentiated
  • Bug: Added both “displacement_comp” and “drivetrain_corr” attributes to test loading to avoid incompatibilities (former displacement compensation has evolved to drivetrain correction and engine inertia has been sepparated so it has the suitable calculations)

14/OCT/2021, release 4.1.47:

  • New: Turkish language added
  • Bug: Fixed Scales: Fixed power scale only was being applied to WHP, now also EHP and DHP
  • Bug: CSV data export: the “include header” option was hidden
  • Bug: Throttle configuration was overwritten by the default config (not the specific configuration set in the XDS window)
  • Bug: Aux TQ was not being calculated in the coasting phase (engine TQ still is not)
  • Bug: When modifying one test, it was recalculating all tests
  • Bug: Font size didn’t work (although now it goes easilly out of the reserved space for texts)
  • Bug: xDS throttle calibration reviewed, also the limit voltages can be edited manually now
  • Bug: REPORT type 2: Runtime error when only one file is selected and there are more tests loaded
  • Bug: REPORT type 2: Test details were shown only if the active tests were consecutive

24/SEP/2021, release 4.1.46:

  • Bug: Transition time field was stored only after two attempts, and cleared after each test
  • Bug: After a first correct test, in certain conditions, the next tests ended immediatly as soon as they started, this bug comes from version 4.1.44
  • Bug: Combination of INERTIAL Test + Brake during coasting was giving bad results, now it will use the load cell at Inertial tests if brake is used
  • Bug: Step Test reviewed to show dots for the current status (HP, rpm, etc) with dots, instead of lines moving accross the whole screen
  • Bug: WS timeout increased to 2 seconds
  • Bug: Step Test + Stop Higher were creating long tests, now it cuts the test at the same point at which the recording stops
  • Bug: Decrease sensibity to “controls of screen” check. Translate the message to Neerlands (this check was not added to 4.1)
  • Bug: When printing in two pages, the “prev page” option didn’t work
  • Bug: When printing WHP it was taking the maximum values from EHP channel too (now it only takes the WHP max)
  • Bug: After printing the visible channels change

6/SEP/2021, release 4.1.45 (do not use):

  • New: Export channels now also exports the interpolation data and calculated formulas
  • New: Transmission compensation changed now to -10% to +30% range (although values below 0 shouldn’t be used, that would mean that dyno calibration is wrong)
  • Bug: Gauges: partial scales, for instance Lambda from 12 to 14
  • Bug: Pg UP/DN reviewed (steady mode) (It was already working for fixed brake mode)
  • Bug: Now it ignores initial bad coasting data on the coasting polynom calculation
  • Bug: Relays Box at Gauges Window Drag-and-drop function reviewed (now it allows to drop the box over the previous position of one of the relay buttons)
  • Bug: Report: Aux TQ graph was not being shown (it was at the Report options but not processed in the report)

30/AUG/2021, release 4.1.44 (do not use):

  • New: Popup Window (after the run is done) can be configured to full screen, moved to a 2nd screen, and colours can be defined
  • New: When the test already reaches the 50% it will be ready to stop automatically when speed is below the initial rpm even if the clutch message has not been shown
  • Bug: After updating transmission power correction or Transmission inertia enable it was not updating the tests
  • Bug: When saving picture (main screen), the picture did not save peak values
  • Bug: Report type 2 adjusted for German text. Some pending German texts translated
  • Bug: Compatibility Issues with old SP4s (controller-16 version)

29/JUL/2021, release 4.1.43:

  • New: Custom Dyno Relays support added. Relays have not a fixed function. This function needs a specific FW in SP5 / 6
  • Bug: Sequencer Stop Options (throttle OFF and ignition OFF) didn’t work at the menu (couldn’t be disabled)
  • Bug: Deceleration ramp after test does not work some times
  • Bug: Roller Filter now is initialized at startup to avoid loading tests without filter (not always happened)
  • Bug: Braked coasting didn’t work in the previous version
  • Bug: Report shows 0 power (hub tests)

7/JUL/2021, release 4.1.42:

  • New: Reference line added per channel (at channels window and graphs)
  • New: The peak dot function now has 3 states: none, 1 peak, all peaks
  • Bug: Coasting data is lost at the second test (when re-using the coasting data)

30/JUN/2021, release 4.1.41:

  • New: Add Static Losses: the cubic coefficient has been replaced by the same formula that the coasting polynom gets, so the coasting can be used DIRECTLY for the static losses function
  • Bug: Gauges didn’t show correctly the scale numbers for ranges higher than 0 (for instance 10 to 14 for lambda)
  • Bug: SP1+ was identified as SP3 in the configuration window
  • Bug: Add Static Losses table was not updating all loaded tests (first one was not updated)
  • Bug: fixes the double “transmission correction fields” issue
  • Bug: correct “engine inertia” management (it allows to choose between EHP and WHP)

14/JUN/2021, release 4.1.40:

  • New: Gauges: add warning time to detect slow events (it will ignore shorter events). For instance to detect if the brake is higher than 90% for at least 2 seconds
  • New: PWS tool added at “External Sources” Window to configure Current and Voltage, so jumpers are no longer necessary (valid for PWS FW ver 2.18 and 3.18)
  • New: Coasting polynom algorithm modified to optimize the fitting of the formula vs the actual data
  • New: Add polynomial filters to the “update tests” button. Also now the test grid is updated with the new data (before it was only updating the test internal information)
  • Bug: “Real Time Data” window was showing more channels than the ones existing in the DAQ (was adding channels from the loaded tests, if any)
  • Bug: Friction graph is not enabled automatically now when using the “add losses / power at engine” button (it still exists but the SW only will enable the EHP graph automatically)
  • Bug: Graph dots are now only shown for the selected channels to avoid confusions in the report (comparing peaks that happen at different places)
  • Bug: Report T2: review which texts are shown according to the “show xHP graph” settings
  • Bug: Direct mode: “steady-then-inertia” didn’t apply the steady mode

3/JUN/2021, release 4.1.39:

  • New: OBDII Air Intake temp can be now used for weather correction
  • New: Brake Base added to Brake vs RPM map so it is easier to change the whole map changing only the top brake value (base)
  • Bug: Direct mode: “ramp end event” was not always activated after the test is performed, and the starting target rpm was not re-loaded for the next test
  • Bug: Sliders (throttle, air, brake) were not correctly updated when entering again to Gauges Window
  • Bug: Transition time was not stored correctly
  • Bug: number of rows increased to 20 in “add static losses”, also the last row was not stored (now it is)

21/MAY/2021, release 4.1.38:

  • New: Tyre size tool, specially for HUB dynos, so the tyre diameter is not calculated manually and the ‘graphs vs speed’ mode shows the actual speed
  • New: Popup window: added field for the percentage size (with respect the screen)
  • New: New Brake vs Time mode BETA
  • Bug: Popup window had become hidden in 4.1.37
  • Bug: Command Mode feedback reviewed (Test mode in PID monitor window)

13/MAY/2021, release 4.1.37:

  • New: Brake Map (vs rpm) added BETA
  • New: Added Relays buttons to Gauges Window
  • New: RPM buttons and TPS buttons in Gauges Window
  • Bug: Report (type 2) now takes the “group by test/channel” setting from main screen
  • Bug: Report (type 2) when the losses graph is disabled, it will also disable the losses number in the bottom of the report
  • Bug: PID Mode was not updated after the first connection (it was when it changes)
  • Bug: PID monitor. Drive mode was not updating correctly the “Disable AWD graphs” setting, and this was affecting the Brake Scroller channels
  • Bug: “Show Engine OFF options” were not stored

5/MAY/2021, release 4.1.36:

  • New: Relays panel added also to Gauges Window BETA
  • New: Load Cell Calibration window: texts Front1, Rear1, Front2, Rear2 have been added to the torque feedback for clearness
  • New: In the Brake Test Mode, now brake value can be controlled with pg UP / DN keys in the Gauges Window
  • New: “Recalculate ratio at the end of test” set to NO by default
  • New: Peak Dots added to main graph and to Report
  • Bug: When starting a test if the DAQ has more channels than the channels defined in the software it was showing a warning message and delaying the starting of the test. Now a plain channel is added automatically and the test starts as usual.
  • Bug: Power Correction Setting is not applied to old files now, only to new ones
  • Bug: When an inertial test with coasting + brake, it no longer disables the load cell. Now this is stored within the test, cannot be disabled
  • Bug: Was not loading the ECU CSV definition file
  • Bug: Pid Map button changed from red to green when active. Window made a little bigger to allocate all map rows
  • Bug: Review Test Average function, it had glitches at the beginning

9/APR/2021, release 4.1.35:

  • New: BETA RAMP Limited Brake Decay. During the first instants of the ramp, the brake is supervised to avoid a big decay (hole) which also impacts in the engine performance (high load vs low load). This also causes a longer test duration
  • New: PID Map added. Kp will change as RPM changes. This is specially useful for water brakes, but also can help to linearize the TQ decay vs speed on eddy current brakes
  • New: File Export: Extra options added for Log Viewer
  • Bug: SP5: new “non-compatibility” mode reviewed (it was not disabling the channels that were not being used: front/rear). Note: in non-compatibility mode SP5 will send always front and rear channels, same as SP6 does. While in the old SP5 compatibility mode, Rear Channel is sent as Front for compatibility with old V3.8 software
  • Bug: When losses are not added, and the power is not shown in two values (WHP and EHP), now the priority is given to the WHP value (before always EHP was shown)
  • Bug: Default axle now is forced to “Front” for SP1, SP3 and SP4, to avoid problems if using in the same computer several DAQs (it rarelly did happen)

26/MAR/2021, release 4.1.34:

  • New: Added option to have coasting with a fixed brake, this is useful for high inertia dynos (must not be used with “disable load cell”)
  • New: More columns added to the “Export HP Data” function. Columns definition are taken from the printed report options (up to 4 columns)
  • Bug: Export Raw Test: Added ‘Time’ as the first channel to allow selecting / deselecting it in the CSV file (it was not exported if the first channel was disabled)
  • Bug: Ratio Calibration: from step 2 to 3 it created a braking peak in the previous version (this function is beta). Also when exiting the window now always sets the brake OFF to avoid unexpected behaviour in the Gauges window
  • Bug: At Gauges Window, CTRL+F7 key (Ratio calibration) was setting also the Steady Test Mode (F7)

16/MAR/2021, release 4.1.33:

  • New: 3rd step added the Ratio Calibration Window to allow the throttle to be closed before setting the brakes OFF (after steady mode)
  • New: 2 brake bars added to the ratio calibration window at step 2 (Steady mode)
  • New: OBDII review: errors (NO DATA, LV RESET, etc) are now reported in the Status area. Initial connection has been reviewed, Protocol is set to AUTO now during the connection
  • Bug: F9 key was set only at one axle, now it sets both

5/MAR/2021, release 4.1.32:

  • New: “Keep Last Coasting Data” function added to allow to repeat only the acceleration part for consequtive tests. In the case of HUB dynos to allow having a reference coasting graph for only-acceleration tests, as HUB dynos normally have problems due to parasitistic brake TQ in the “clutch event”
  • New: Added 2 more “Number” Controls in the Main Window for Cell 2 and OBDII Engine Temp. Also the gauges style is updated from the Gauges Window to main window

24/FEB/2021, release 4.1.31:

  • New: CAN: Bit-positions and Bit-sizes added to the ECU/Controller definition files
  • Bug: XDS: Throttle calibration and voltages reviewed
  • Bug: Report #2: WHP, and losses confusion solved: now all HP peaks refer to EHP peak

22/FEB/2021, release 4.1.30:

  • New: XDS: Honda DataBase Added
  • New: when pressing the controls they will show the peak values. It is pending to see how to put a fixed small number for the peak
  • Bug: Connection status was showing SP3 for SP1+
  • Bug: “Added “”main/record_all_cells”” setting at configuration to record all cells even in the one brake modes. SP5: This feature needs at least FW V2.56 and disable the ‘SP5-compatibility mode’. SP6: All FW supported”
  • Bug: Review of main window ‘invert cell’ button (the one in the cells window was working)
  • Bug: It didn’t store / retrieve correctly the channel’s “time offset” setting

11/FEB/2021, release 4.1.29:

  • New: XDS: Cycle Time added (same as for OBDII)
  • New: XDS: Kawasaki ID ECM field is now read from the ECU
  • New: When using SP1 to SP4 devices the “check show all fields” is hidden
  • New: Make the “enable_hub4” setting automatic
  • Bug: KDS: ECU scales were not updated correctly (for RPM), and timeout status (—) was been showing all the time even with correct data

8/FEB/2021, release 4.1.28:

  • New: Load Cell Invert Button Added
  • New: Now the SW checks if the test has the load cells inverted (can be disabled if necessary)
  • New: Gauges Window: when going to inertia mode the command is now immediate (no need to click on set command button)
  • Bug: Gauges Window: when entering braked mode it recovers the previous brake value and updates the slider (before slider was zero with an actual brake value)
  • Bug: Gauges & Scroller: when moving a gauge control the options combo remained at the previous position. Now it is hidden until the control is released in the new position
  • Bug: Gauges & Scroller: when resizing a control sometimes it change suddenly its size, or remained at a small size (typically scrollers)

29/JAN/2021, release 4.1.27:

  • New: Version number now changed to 3 numbers for easier reference
  • New: Polynominal Coasting filter optimized to match HUB coasting losses even for those cases in which coasting data is partial (high drop in brake speed when clutch / neutral is used)
  • New: Polynominal HP filter optimized to better match the power ending shape (uses to fall quickly)
  • Bug: Some feedback commands were detected as wrong (although the configuration frames were ok)
  • Bug: Second graph in ‘chart’ mode had bugs in the channel names

20/JAN/2021, release

  • Bug: When calculating Engine Power it was not detecting the starting of coasting after the run (it was working when recalculating the test) This bug was present in versions 0.24 and 0.25, now it has been fixed
  • Bug: Run time error (division by zero) when weather conditions are zero (in certain norms). It was caused by pressure = 0 for the norms that don’t have a minimum defined, now it always limits always to 800 mbar min internally
  • Bug: Print Report. Wheel / losses / engine sumary report
  • Bug: Ratio Calibration Window: it was not resizing / readjusting the controsl when changing the window size

15/JAN/2021, release

  • New: Power Supplies. CAN channels for current, Output Voltage and PWS temperature now come preconfigured
  • New: Power Supplies. Realtime Brake Resistance Estimation (needs Current and Vout channels)
  • Bug: Print Report. HP column was always WHP, now it changes from WHP and EHP depending on the current mode
  • Bug: Print Report. Additional columns didn’t have decimals
  • Bug: Print Report. Second report column was set to ‘time’ incorrectly. Also the description was wrong (now it is ‘Additional Columns’)

10/JAN/2021, release

  • New: EXPERIMENTAL OBDII Simulator Server (TCP) for Torque App. Consult us for more information
  • New: XDS: scale from Main Channel is now used in the XDS channel too
  • New: XDS: 2nd ECU type for Kawasaki ECU (exact scale is not yet determined)
  • New: Graphs. horizonal lines have been removed from main screen graph (as the area is splitted by alternated background areas)
  • New: Gauges. Setting added to define a plain background colour (to ease overlays, when necessary)
  • New: When in HUB-2 Dyno mode, the SW will force always the AWD mode
  • Bug: Gauges. Max Peak Mark was not visible (out of screen)
  • Bug: Gauges. when “short needle” is selected the needle was working in the oposite direction
  • Bug: Report. Data Table. RPM was “red and bold” after a TQ peak (if no other columns were present) (bold was not set off)
  • Bug: Full review of “Reversed Ramp Mode” (previous versions only worked in inertial and fixed brake mode)
  • Bug: OBDII interpolation: by default now it is forced to “ON” and the setting removed from the configuration
  • Bug: SP4 compatibility issue in Ramp mode: SP4 sends the PID REF Command within the Channles DataFrame, and this caused a failure in the data reception, now this key will not be used to identify a Command DataFrame
  • Bug: Repeated “TQ TI” key in the export file caused a warning message when importing the data (but the SW didn’t crash)
  • Bug: When an “only acceleration” test was shown in the “add losses” mode, as there was no ‘Engine HP’ channel, the max HP was shown as 0
  • Bug: When an “only acceleration” test was recalculated the maximums and minimums (and scales) could result into 0
  • Bug: Full review of Average Test calculation. Calc RPM limits have been reviewed, and Transmission compensation (percentage) has been added.
  • Bug: Power compensation (%) reviewed. The recommended value for car dynos is about 10%
  • Bug: AddStaticLosses operation reviewed. Bugs in the editting window fixed and operation has been modified from ‘only EHP’ mode to both modes (with and without losses). Please note that now this mode is mainly envisaged for engine dynos and WHP measurement on rolling road dynos. In the case of the “power corrected at engine” mode (EHP) it will have almost no effect as static losses are added during acceleration but are subtracted during deceleration resulting in about 0 contribution

26/OCT/2020, release

  • New: Add a column in channel config to allow to configure each channel to left or right side
  • Bug: Add Comments field to Database Tool
  • Bug: When clicking in the “Lift” button and the gauges window is open it entered into a loop (the lift message flickers) until the SW crashes
  • Bug: Report Type 2: Channel colours in the ‘leyend’ box didn’t match the graph colours
  • Bug: Polynomial HP setting was not stored
  • Bug: Report Type 2: Engine and Wheel power settings were inverted
  • New: French language uptaded

6/OCT/2020, release

  • New: Line thickness added to report settings
  • New Simplified Label. Font size has been added for label (and for graphs)
  • New default colours (white background, a little stronger channel colours

4/OCT/2020, release

  • New: HELP windows added to most topics on the configuration window
  • New: New Polynomical Filter to improve coasting. This is specially useful in ‘asymetric’ tests (high inertia dynos with short acceleration phase and long coasting)
  • New: New Polynomical Filter to improve power graphs
  • New: New Scales and New ‘Disable Compatibility Mode’ (SP5) function added. It also stores in the file if the run was done using compatibility mode (default) or new mode (=SP6). Note: a new Firmware is necessary to remove the compatibility mode and use the new scales (thermocouples and analog channels)
  • Bug: It was not loading the font names when opening the configuration window
  • Bug: When printing two tests (Report Type 2), but one was not visible, the report still was showing the details from it
  • Bug: Line Thickness setting was affecting to the scales thickness too, and it is better to keep scales to 1, and make only configurable the graphs
  • Bug: Little bug when reading the number of rollers created differences of less than 1 HP when loading the test again
  • Bug: After doing a test it was partially out of screen (at right side)
  • Bug: Some alarms were active when the channels (OBDII) were not available (for ‘Lower Than’ condition). Now those inactive channels are not checked
  • Bug: There were hidden controls in Sequencer / Step Test Window that were shown when the “steady timer” was active

25/SEP/2020, release

  • Bug: Additional review on ‘groups’ management

24/SEP/2020, release

  • New: Max number of scales per side can be configured now (max 4)
  • New: New DATABASE tool added (on going)
  • New: New TQ peak detection function added (on going)
  • New: Groups / Splitted graphs feature: Edditing of groups has been enabled at Channels Window (2nd tab)
  • New: Formulas: New function “Apply Once” has been added to apply a permanent modification on existing channels. This is useful for instance for inverting a wrong load cell channel (for instance if a RWD car was tested in a 2WD dyno, and the load cell calibration was not modified accordingly)
  • Bug: It was applying the “Polynom HP” to all tests (now it filters if has to apply it or not)
  • Bug: When adding WHP to report columns, it was showing Watts. Now it shows HP (using scales)
  • Bug: Friction graph was out of range when in “min HP” mode.
  • Bug: Add options to choose the graphs to show in the report (it shows 4 graphs, but most people only need 2)
  • Bug: OBDII: PID list disapeared after clicking on DTC tab. Other cosmetic improvements

14/SEP/2020, release

  • New: Now it allows to interchange HP and TQ at main window
  • Bug: When SW adds the auxiliary TQ channel some channels got shifted and one of the load cell channel was assigned to another position

9/SEP/2020, release

  • New: When importing old files (V3.8) the SW applies converts and applies default settings to get the most approximated result to the old version
  • New: Glitch Filter added to relay feedback, even for correct DataFrames to avoid spurious messages activation (lift message and similar). This is specially useful for Bluetooth link or other connections which can have a few missing samples

7/SEP/2020, release

  • New: Now “semaphore window” takes the calculated RPM from the SP5/6 existing channel to avoid issues (cases in which the internal varibale was not calculated and the test didn’t start). For SP1,SP3, SP4 it calculates de channel and then it uses it at “semaphore window”
  • New: Direct Mode: the ‘unblock’ function is automatically commanded when engine is at a safe speed after a run (speed below ramp starting speed)
  • New: Sequencer: New command (RECORD=WAIT) added to use the ‘automatic start’ function
  • Bug: Versions from have problems with single roller modes (wrong power)
  • Bug: Sometimes the Number-type controls had a black area below (specially when changing from another control type to number). Now the SW assigns the correct space for the Number control
  • Bug: Sequencer performance has been increased for assignment commands (to not add extra delays)
  • Bug: Sequencer operation has been optimized to not receive a high impact by the updating speed from Gauges Window (in some cases it was almost stuck)

20/AUG/2020, release

  • Bug: SP6. Fixes bug in AWD / 4-sensor mode (was not adding the inertial apportion of the 2nd sensors)
  • Bug: XDS: 3rd scale has been added suzuki (SDS) to match RMZ250 engine RPM scale (max 18000 rpm vs DL1000 max 16000 rpm) (ongoing)

4/AUG/2020, release

  • Bug: Results grid now stores the columns sizes
  • Bug: Sequencer does not accept PARAMs with decimal places
  • Bug: Gauges: controls are verified to be inside the window limits to avoid hidden controls (which can cause a slow response)
  • Bug: “Stop Mode Options” were not resizing when the controls were resized
  • Bug: “Record Test” frame was not correctly resized (depending on the visible sliders)
  • New: “Allow Resize” added to advanced options (for Gauges Window and PID Monitor)

24/JUL/2020, release

  • New: Gauges. If the SPx DAQ was not connected the channel list was empty (or almost empty). Now a checkbox has been added to show all channels in all cases to ease the edition and verification of gauges regardless if the DAQ is connected or not
  • New: Now all colours are stored for every control to avoid all old constraints between styles and customized colors
  • New: When closing the SW now closes Throttle Servo and Ignition Relay
  • Bug: One of the gauges (#0) was losing its properties when a new one was added
  • Bug: First time a gauge is moved it was opening the properties window
  • Bug: Interpolation had problems with negative voltages, now the interpolation graph has been updated and the interpolation table can work with a zero volt value (the new condition to define ‘end of table’ is that the last voltage is lower than the previous one: 5V -> next 0V, or -4V -> next -5V)
  • Bug: CIO driver was initialised only first time, but if CAN connection is closed and opened again it is not initialised again (and didn’t work correctly)
  • Bug: The yellow box shows a test number in between brackets, f.e. (2) and it shows the beginning characters of the file name. However the filename often begins with the same text in sequence tests so it is not clear. Now it uses the last characters as it is the increasing nr
  • Bug: When making the Average from 2 tests. It did not create the exact average. Now it also processes the rpm values to get a better result, although it is not allways exactly in the middle but it is much more accurate
  • Bug: In manual mode sometimes it shows channels in the graph that have not been activated in the channel list, now it is fixed
  • Bug: If manual X-scale is set to a certain value and software is closed and reopened then the manual X-scales (RPM) are reset to zero and you don�t see any graph after a test has been opened.
  • Bug: If you use the Average HP (between 2 rpm�s) then the dashed line always had the same color (red), now it takes of the color from that test / channel (depending on the mode)
  • Bug: When removing hidden tests (specific option) it was asking for every modified file, instead of using the general (“Yes”, “Yes to All”, “No”, “No to All”) form
  • Bug: Power and TQ peak had an offset error of 1 second when expressed vs time (85 HP / 4.1 sec -> 85 HP / 3.1 sec)
  • Bug: XDS-Honda, was not updating channels correctly

8/JUN/2020, release

  • Bug: ‘COM not found’ message disabled

6/JUN/2020, release

  • New: Losses Polynom: polynom setting (on/off) added, polynom exported to test file, polynom key added, aux channel added to compare polynom with raw losses data
  • New: Several FTDI ports can be scanned during the search function to avoid incompatibilities between weather station and USB adapter
  • New: Gagues properties: added colors numeric value to ease copy & paste to other controls
  • Bug: Keep on top’ setting was working the oposite

23/MAY/2020, release

  • New: Added uncorrected Engine TQ mode to ‘aux torque’ modes
  • New: Import / Export Channel Settings, specifically for CAN channels
  • Bug: External CAN channels: when exitting the External Data-Sources window connection with ECU stopped
  • Bug: Filters were accumulating its effect everytime the test was recalculated
  • Bug: Alarms: setting Higher/Lower was wrong when using other languages (text must start with H and L, then the translated word can be used after them)

15/MAY/2020, release

  • Bug: Report size has been reviewed / adjusted, “data table” frame is blocked for the Report Type = “2” (to avoid mistakes with the “data in second page” setting)
  • Bug: Reviewed “dark when printing” setting
  • New: Re-connect feature re-enabled

13/MAY/2020, release

  • New: Scroller and gauges reviewed to work at max rate. FIFO has been disabled because with the latest comm driver latency is normally below 40 ms which allows a smooth scroller operation
  • New: Numbers Max Update Frequency modified to max available (40 ms)
  • Bug: Runtime error when renaming a test in certain conditions
  • Bug: Add Losses function had an erratic behaviour, sometimes it was adding the losses and some others it didn’t. Now it is fixed

10/MAY/2020, release

  • New: Auto-hide data frame (gauges) feature added
  • Bug: Engine power and drag was no longer available
  • Bug: Problems resizing scrollers and other controls
  • Bug: Report colours were not taken from the channels (they were fixed)
  • New: Max tests increased to 40

6/MAY/2020, release

  • New: Gauges, two groups of colours defined: common and specific per control. Associated functions for copying the last edit to all common colours
  • Bug: Power at engine was not being calculated after a run

4/MAY/2020, release

  • New: Gauges. When editting colours all colours for “non-user” style (except background) will be blocked to avoid confusions in fixed styles
  • Bug: Remote control “BACK” key was showing only the Ratio Calibration window, now it shows the popup menu for several options

2/MAY/2020, release

  • New: When adding a new control with ‘repeat’ option all properties from the last control are copied
  • New: Status label has been changed to transparent

1/MAY/2020, release

  • New: AWD Status field in gauges window
  • Bug: review of colours management

29/APR/2020, release

  • New: Gauges properties: new integrated colour palette (old colour dialog is still available)
  • New: Added a menu entry to add the same control type as previous one
  • New: Temp and Pressure limits have been removed in DIN70020 norm and others (temp was being limited below 15ºC)
  • Bug: Now the tests/channels popup will not show full path, only filename
  • Bug: Sequencer type CSV didn’t start recording
  • Bug: When opening properties for controls/gauges outside of Gauges Window it was opening the Gauges Windows (it shouldn’t)

24/APR/2020, release

  • Bug: When adding a calculated channel it was not recalculating the test (now it does)
  • Bug: Runtime Error “object was already loaded” when renaming a test
  • Bug: Was not applying static losses
  • Bug: review in the 2nd graph mode

19/APR/2020, release 4.1.0:

  • New: Groups / 2 graph splitter re-enabled (still beta)
  • New: Preliminary version of Graph X vs Y (CTRL + F3)
  • New ‘Filter-End’ feature to optimize the readings in the latest portion of acceleration phase (to avoid excessive rounding caused by Low Pass Filters). This is specially noticeable in engine and HUB dynos in which the test (only acceleration phase) ends suddenly without the slow coastdown, and also with ‘peaky’ engines that have the power peak at the very RPM top
  • New: Software now always generates Drag Power (in the positive axis) and Engine Power channels, so all data is available at once. While old version had only EITHER uncorrected power and torque OR corrected power and torque at a time, this new version has these 3 power channels to ease the comparison and readbility (losses in positive axis). Also TQ is shown always full corrected (ratio and transmission losses). Other TQ modes (TQ at roller and Linear Thrust) are not available at the moment, they will been added as calculated channels in a next version
  • New Improved report (better formatted). Watermark added
  • New grayed bands at main grpahs window
  • New graphs scroll limited to available data
  • New Gauges Styles. Now colors can be editted
  • New Gauge Type: “short neddle”
  • Bug: when assigning two channels to a gauge control, it will take the maximum from both channels for the controlBug