SportDyno V4.0

Note: This page contains latest versions which still are being tested by some beta-testers. downloading recent versions from this page the user accepts the possibility of having bugs, including bugs at features that were working previously, but have been recently modified

21/APR/2023, release 4.0.46:

  • Bug: Maintenance counter was an integer16 and caused a runtime error when the number of tests was over 32767, now it is an integer32 (billions)

15/JUL/2022, release 4.0.45:

  • Bug: Steady Mode: issues when updating from Steady RPM Target to its reference in Speed (for vehicle dynos), or to its reference in Flywheel RPM (for engine dynos)
  • Bug: Fixes bug when importing old config files

24/NOV/2021, release 4.0.44:

  • New: Turkish Language added
  • New: Transmission correction added / verified (old fixed correction removed)
  • Bug: At config window, when changing the profile selector, the default axle selector was not updated automatically in certain conditions
  • Bug: Added both “displacement_comp” and “drivetrain_corr” to test loading to avoid incompatibilities

21/SEP/2021, release 4.0.43:

  • Bug: Step Test reviewed to cut the end of the test (to avoid the test is longer than the processed data, as the total test time is longer)
  • Bug: Weather Station timeout increased to 2 seconds
  • Bug: Decrease sensibity to “controls of screen” check. Translate the message to Neerlands
  • Bug: Export channels now also exports the interpolation data and calculated formulas

22/JUN/2021, release 4.0.42:

  • Bug: “Add Static Losses” table was not being added to new tests
  • Bug: “Add Static Losses” was not updating all loaded tests (first one was not updated)

5/JUN/2021, release 4.0.41:

  • Bug: Direct mode: “steady-then-inertia” didn’t apply the steady mode
  • Bug: Direct mode: “ramp end event” was not always activated after the test is performed, and the target rpm was not re-loaded for the next test
  • Bug: (throttle, air, brake) Sliders were not correctly updated when entering again to Gauges Window
  • Bug: Add decimals to “Add Static Losses” table
  • Bug: number of rows increased to 20 in “add static losses”, also the last row was not stored (now it is)
  • Bug: Review Test Average function, it had glitches at the beginning

8/APR/2021, release 4.0.40:

  • New: 2nd CAN dataframe with roller, engine and ratio information (PC to DAQ’s CAN)
  • New: When using SP1 to SP4 devices the checkbox “show all fields” is now hidden
  • New: Make the “enable_hub4” setting automatic
  • New: OBDII review: errors (NO DATA, LV RESET, etc) are now reported in the Status area. Initial connection has been reviewed, Protocol is set to AUTO now during the connection
  • Bug: In certain conditions the Ramp mode didn’t start
  • Bug: Default axle forced to “Front” for SP1, SP3 and SP4, to avoid problems if using in the same computer several DAQs (it rarelly did happen)
  • Bug: It didn’t store / retrieve correctly the channel’s “time offset” setting

29/JAN/2021, release 4.0.39:

  • New: Version number now changed to 3 numbers for easier reference
  • Bug: Some feedback commands were detected as wrong (although the configuration frames were ok)
  • Bug: Second graph in ‘chart’ mode had bugs in the channel names

16/JAN/2021, release

  • Bug: Run time error (division by zero) when weather conditions are zero (in certain norms). It was caused by pressure = 0 for the norms that don’t have a minimum defined, now it always limits always to 800 mbar min internally

31/DEC/2020, release

  • New: Gauges. Setting added to define a plain background colour (to ease overlays, when necessary)
  • Bug: ‘HUB-2 Dyno Type’ (AWD Front-Rear) has been full reviewed so the SW only allows AWD mode for this dyno, please note that AWD is the mode for SP5-AWD and SP6-AWD (2 cells) when used for a HUB-2 dyno
  • Bug: Report. Data Table. RPM was “red and bold” after a TQ peak line (if no other columns were present)
  • Bug: Full review of “Reversed Ramp Mode” (previous versions only worked in inertial and fixed brake mode)
  • Bug: SP4 compatibility issue in Ramp mode: SP4 sends the PID REF command within the Channles DataFrame, and this caused a failure in the data reception, now this key will not be used to identify a Command DataFrame
  • Bug: Calc RPM was not available with SP1, only present in 4.0.38

1/DEC/2020, release 4.0.38:

  • New: SP1+ Support

13/NOV/2020, release

  • Bug / New: AddStaticLosses operation has been reviewed. There were some bugs in the editting window (now fixed), and the operation has been slightly modified from ‘only EHP mode’ to now all modes (with and without losses). Please note that now this mode is mainly envisaged for Engine Dynos and WHP measurement on rolling road dynos. In the case of the EHP mode (power corrected at engine) it will have almost no effect as static losses are added during acceleration but are subtracted during deceleration resulting in about 0 contribution to the total.
  • Bug: When clicking in the “Lift” button and the gauges window is open it entered into a loop (the lift message flickers) until the SW crashes
  • Bug: Some alarms were active when the channels (OBDII) were not available (for ‘Lower Than’ condition). Now those inactive channels are not checked
  • Bug: There were hidden controls in Sequencer / Step Test Window that were shown when the “steady timer” was active
  • Bug: OBDII. PID list disapeared after clicking on DTC tab. Other cosmetic improvements

14/SEP/2020, release

  • New: Now it allows to interchange HP and TQ at main window
  • Bug: Scroller control did not work fine, it was showing some glitches in certain cases (FIFO operation), now it is fixed
  • Bug: Histogram window always took the first test (no matter which one was the active test)

9/SEP/2020, release

  • New: When importing old files (V3.8) the SW applies converts and applies default settings to get the most approximated result to the old version
  • New: Glitch Filter added to relay feedback, even for correct DataFrames to avoid spurious messages activation (lift message and similar). This is specially useful for Bluetooth link or other connections which can have a few missing samples
  • Bug: “RemapRPMchannels” setting was not stored correctly (it was always set when starting the SW)

7/SEP/2020, release

  • New: Now “semaphore window” takes the calculated RPM from the SP5/6 existing channel to avoid issues (cases in which the internal varibale was not calculated and the test didn’t start). For SP1,SP3, SP4 it calculates de channel and then it uses it at “semaphore window”
  • Bug: Versions from have problems with single roller modes (wrong power)

1/SEP/2020, release (DO NOT USE):

  • New: Direct Mode: the ‘unblock’ function is automatically commanded when engine is at a safe speed after a run (speed below ramp starting speed)
  • New: Sequencer: New command (RECORD=WAIT) added to use the ‘automatic start’ function
  • Bug: Sometimes the Number-type controls had a black area below (specially when changing from another control type to number). Now the SW assigns the correct space for the Number control
  • Bug: Sequencer performance has been increased for assignment commands (to not add extra delays)

21/AUG/2020, release (DO NOT USE):

  • Bug: Sequencer operation has been optimized to not receive a high impact by the updating speed from Gauges Window (in some cases it was almost stuck)

20/AUG/2020, release

  • New: Gauges updating frequency setting added (only at Registry)
  • Bug: SP6. Fixes bug in AWD / 4-sensor mode (was not adding the inertial apportion of the 2nd sensors)
  • Bug: Bug in ‘Options’, it was activating the ‘target on AD5’ function which lead to bad operation of steady mode
  • Bug: XDS: 3rd scale has been added suzuki (SDS) to match RMZ250 engine RPM scale (max 18000 rpm vs DL1000 max 16000 rpm) (ongoing)

3/AUG/2020, release (DO NOT USE):

  • Bug: Sequencer does not accept PARAMs with decimal places
  • Bug: Gauges: controls are verified to be inside the window limits to avoid hidden controls (which can cause a slow response)
  • Bug: “Stop Mode Options” were not resizing when the controls were resized
  • Bug: “Record Test” frame was not correctly resized (depending on the visible sliders)
  • New: “Allow Resize” added to advanced options (for Gauges Window and PID Monitor)

9/JUL/2020, release (DO NOT USE):

  • Bug: Interpolation had problems with negative voltages, now the interpolation graph has been updated and the interpolation table can work with a zero volt value (the new condition to state ‘end of table’ is that the last voltage is lower than the previous one: 5V -> next 0V, or -4V -> next -5V)
  • Bug: CIO driver was initialised only first time, but if CAN connection is closed and opened again it is not initialised again (and didn’t work correctly)

9/JUL/2020, release

  • Bug: ‘Standard’ (old) sequencer do not execute the timing accurately. Now it has been reviewed
  • Bug: The yellow box shows the first characters of the file name but it often begins with the same text. Now it shows only the last characters (they include the test number)
  • Bug: When making the Average from 2 tests. It did not create the exact average. Now it also processes also the rpm values to get a better result (although it is not allways exactly in the middle)
  • Bug: In MANUAL mode sometimes it showed channels in the graph that have not been activated in the channel list. Now it is fixed
  • Bug: If MANUAL scale settings were not stored and were zero when reopening the software. Now they are stored correctly.
  • Bug: With Average HP feature (between 2 rpm’s) the dashed line always had the same color (red). Now it uses the color according to the group by channels / group by tests setting.

26/JUN/2020, release

  • New: When closing the SW, it will close the Throttle and Ignition Relay
  • Bug: When removing hidden tests (specific option) it was asking for every modified file, instead of using the general (Yes, Yes to all, No, No to all) question
  • Bug: Sequencer: when using “RECORD=ON” and “WAIT_END_OF_TEST” in the next line some tests were abnormally short (ended sooner than expected), now a small delay has been added after starting the recording to fix this spureous operation
  • Bug: Power and TQ peak had an error of 1 second in ‘graphs vs time’ mode

9/JUN/2020, release

  • Bug: XDS-Honda, was not updating channels correctly

8/JUN/2020, release

  • Bug: ‘COM not found’ message disabled

2/JUN/2020, release (do not use, use

  • Bug: Auto-updating of ports-list has been reviewed to avoid delays (FTDI list generation is slower than expected)
  • Bug: Disabled FIFO buffer for Scroller to avoid glitches
  • Bug: Several FTDI ports can be scanned during the search function to avoid incompatibilities between some descriptors that can create a conflict
  • Bug: ‘Keep on top’ setting was working the oposite
  • Bug: When ‘OBDII Interpolation’ setting was out of range it generated a runtime error: fixed

21/MAY/2020, release 4.0.37:

  • New: Import / Export Channel Settings, specifically for CAN channels
  • Bug: External CAN channels: when exitting the External Data-Sources window connection with ECU stopped
  • Bug: Alarms: setting Higher/Lower was wrong when using other languages (text must start with H and L, then the translated word can be used after them)
  • Bug: Test was cut excessively at the end (a few ms), this was affecting mainly to engine tests (only acceleration), as coasting tends to be longer and a few ms are not noticeable
  • Bug: Max tests increased to 40
  • Bug: Double-ramp test settings removed from config so it always reset after restarting to avoid problems in the next tests
  • Bug: “Standard” sequencer did not load the changes when performing a run from the gauges window
  • Bug: Don’t show full path, only filename
  • Bug: Sequencer type CSV didn’t start recording (bug from
  • Bug: Remove temp and pressure limits in DIN70020 norm and others

23/APR/2020, release

  • Bug: Runtime error when renaming a test in certain conditions (this bug is present from version

16/APR/2020, release

  • Bug: Runtime error at configuration window
  • Bug: Weight for cell calibration was not correctly stored (decimal places)

7/APR/2020, release

  • Bug: interchanging roller 1 vs 2 load cell and inertia
  • Bug: Ballpoint setting could cause a runtime error
  • Bug: Configuration: Delay in the activation of the last dyno type (HUB-4)
  • Bug: Did not update the LRF list when saving a test
  • Bug: Grid Click issues (visble / hidden) tests (too sensitive to click duration)
  • Bug: Window Caption didn’t have the “\” and as a consequence it was not recording the tests in the specified folder
  • Bug: WBHP Tests / only accel tests had an excessive cut at the end of the recording. The test was cut according to the filter size, but this made the extra (postcount) data to be lost

16/MAR/2020, release

  • Bug: Standard / old Sequencer: Changed begin and end of recording states

9/MAR/2020, release (re-uploaded):

  • New: New popup menu associated to the “Back/Cancel” Button in the REMOTE
  • New: Associate Static Losses to Dyno Profile
  • New: Function to reset the stored window positions (to avoid that in some cases a window can go out of the visible area)
  • New: Add more PWS status channels to PID monitor
  • Bug: Test Time Offset didn’t work
  • Bug: Review inertia fields for the SP6/2-Sensor modes
  • Bug: Review ‘Front(2S)’ and ‘Rear (2S)’ for the SP6/2-Sensor modes
  • Bug: ‘Add Losses’ function did not update the new rpm peak point for the new corrected TQ value
  • Bug: When using option “keep gauges visible” it did not remmembered the last test mode (for instance ramp), it alwways went back to inertial the next time the SW is openend.
  • Bug: Reviewed “resize_controls” / “big screen” mode, problems with TAB controls (text and buttons)
  • Bug: PWS CAN check issue: it showed timeout on existing PWS (communication was ok)
  • Bug: Number of max tests was not updated internally. Exceeding test now are recorded even when the auto_Save setting is disabled to avoid losing those tests
  • Bug: Engine Inertia was not updated / initialised when entering Gauges Window, only after re-typing it the software updated it and was showing less power

18/JAN/2020, release

  • New: Ramp OFF Threshold feature, it improves the brake disconnection reaction time when the clutch message has been already displayed. This feature NEEDS a firmware update!. This has been mainly added for the HS-PWS-D power supply Please note that if you are not using the new HS-PWS-D then the FW update is NOT necessary. (otherwise it does not take advantage of the fast response of the power supply)
  • New: A list of fixed OBDII PIDs has beed added, some old cars do not provide the PID list and the software will not list them, despite the car is able to send the info for these PIDs (channels / sensors)
  • Bug: SP1 and SP3 config commands (load cell, servo, etc) was not being sent to device. This was not affecting to most units as all processing is performed in the software, but may result confusing (for instance load cell calibration will not be shown in LCD)
  • Bug: It sends the Drive Mode command too often: when “keep gauges visible” is set (at startup) and also for SP1
  • Bug: Report now takes font and size from main config (was fixed in previous versions)

24/NOV/2019, release

  • Bug: Reloaded on 2/DEC/2019, due to bug at PID monitor window
  • New: [BETA] When recording a simulated racetrack run, it will show GPS track when clicking in the recorded graphs. It attaches data from the simulation to the file during recording (not through the DAQ)
  • New: [BETA] At PID Monitor and Gauges Windows controls can be adjusted to fit better the screen (for big monitors) It is disabled by default, can be activated at Registry (as it is a Beta new function)
  • New: Added again the “channel / transmission” setting to profile as default axle (specially for using SP5/6 with two one axle dynos). It still is posible to remain “blank” so no axle is selected by default.
  • New: Add “RAMP_RPM_CHANGE” and “RAMP_VALUE_CHANGE” to Sequencer (SEQ)
  • New: Function to remove all hidden tests has been added to ease comparing several tests and selecting a few of them (load say 6 tests, hide all of them except 2, and then use ‘remove hidden tests’ to keep only those 2)
  • Bug: Using a calculated channel to rewrite the roller channel (advanced function) now it is even more limited to avoid that an accidental formula added to this channel can cause the roller channel to be zero and graphs not displayed correctly
  • Bug: Report, when “first page” option is selected the standard report splits the tests between pages, while with the other two (none, and 2nd page) it was working. Fixed
  • Bug: Was taking inertia from front roller when doing a Rear axle test in an AWD dyno (SP5)
  • Bug: Some windows showed a runtime error when resizing big screens (now all of them have been reviewed to use ‘long’ data type)
  • Bug: Now it does not allow to choose “rear” and “AWD” modes for SP1 to SP4 devices
  • Bug: Number Controls are no longer square when resized from properties window “x N” setting, and maximum size is now limited to avoid the ‘huge control’ bug

18/SEP/2019, release

  • Bug: Drive Mode Selection combo at Gauges Window reviewed due to freezings in 4.0.36
  • Bug: Didn’t store the channel offset compensation (channels window)

4/SEP/2019, release 4.0.36:

  • New: Preliminary Speed Calibration Test / Report (under license)
  • New: Preliminary version of Road and inertia Simulation (under license) It needs a FW update. It also stores the used coefficientes within each test file
  • New: Added power, TQ and RPM to scales window (manual mode)
  • New: SP5/SP6 do not allow to change the zero by default (not recommended), although it can still be enabled at Cell Wizard
  • New: Store the values “reference weight” and “reaction arm length” for load cell calibration into each dyno profile
  • Bug: “ballpoint” verification removed from default procedure, now it is an option to be executed manually
  • Bug: With SP1/SP3 the calculated RPM channel fails when pulses have low speed(only one update every time a new pulse is received, but when there are no pulses it goes back 0)
  • Bug: “Test / Generate RPM channel” was not working
  • Bug: Report showed bad power at engine value at summary
  • Bug: Recorded power value did not seem stable in all computers: Problem was caused by HP mechanic vs HP metric, now changed to HP (mech) and PS (metric) so the difference is more clear
  • Bug: When changing inertia to a lower value (at details window) the losses part were not recalculated (for “add method” active)
  • Bug: “roller blocked” message reviewed, it was shown sometimes when SP5 was OFF. A timeout has been addeded in case the connection is lost

28/JUN/2019, release

  • New: Gears identification (according to a table) provided on channel 0xFF
  • New: add “DO_NOT_HOLD” command to sequencer to ease ramp operation
  • New: Add variable PID (change Kp as RPM changes) (in process)
  • New: OBDII RPM will overwrite engine RPM Channel if it is not available
  • New: Gauges import/export use a different extension to avoid confusions
  • Bug: translation from Engine RPM vs Speed has been reviewed for ramp and Steady values
  • Bug: When entering the “steady speed” field it resets both rpm and speed (Target Speed temporary disabled)
  • Bug: When OBDII is closed the OBDII values were not reseted
  • Bug: Improved latency from 80-100 ms to 20-30 ms

23/MAY/2019, release 4.0.35:

  • New: For 2-sensor and 4-sensor modes Inertia Front / Rear fields have been splited into Front 1 / Front 2 and Rear 1 / Rear 2
  • Bug: For 4-sensor modes: the internal reference Calc RPM variable was calculated only from roller F1, this gave problems when R1 and R2 were used, now the method changes depending on the active rollers
  • Bug: problems when calibrating F2 Cell (Front 2) depending on the selected traction mode, now the visible cells and buttons for calibration depend only on device: SP5 (2 cells) or SP6 (4 cells)

26/APR/2019, release

  • New: Email field added to test data
  • Bug: Configuration / Export Config was no longer available (disabled) at config window

18/APR/2019, release

  • Bug: [sequencer] conflict between “START” command (starter motor) vs “START_PARAMS” sentence fixed

16/APR/2019, release 4.0.34:

  • New: Added a function to disable ballpoint device (but it needs administrator mode to work)
  • Bug: when activating MODBUS, there are no channels (only worked if OBDII, xDS or CAN were active)
  • Bug: After doing a dyno run the number boxes at PID monitor showed “-” (not available), and after opening the gauges window they worked again
  • Bug: Total review of SP1-SP5 data frames (bugs in some specific cases with SP1)

28/MAR/2019, release 4.0.33:

  • Add Engine Inertia support
  • “Export HP” fixed (it showed an error “object does not support method” ) and only a few lines were exported
  • Inertial torque filtering improvement

14/MAR/2019, release

  • Filters higher than 1.0 should be applied only after the test is recorded

5/MAR/2019, release

  • New: Review continuous update. Sometimes it had a continuous operation
  • New: Improve ratio calculation to be done also in braked modes (but when not braking)
  • Bug: with accel1 channel and SP5

1/MAR/2019, release 4.0.32:

  • New: Add stop option for alarms: brake emergency stop
  • New: Add a sequencer command for start engine (check engine is off, send start relay messages, check engine is on, timeout)
  • New: Increase clutch filter time (not recommended to exceed 2 seconds)
  • Bug: Didn’t store the x2 setting at gauges window (ignition)
  • Bug: Thermocouple channels “exhaust” and “water” renamed to generic “thermocouple1” and “2”

5/FEB/2019, release

  • New: Added support to Yamaha K-line (not tested)
  • New: Load Cell Filter support (for experimental FW)
  • Bug: Road Simulation Support: air friction coeffcients were not correctly stored / updated

29/NOV/2018, release

  • New: XDS: new APItech ECU included (with SW License)
  • Bug: OBDII: Lambda PIDs were not correctly converted, nor aquired in the SW

15/NOV/2018, release 4.0.31:

  • New: Full review of SP6 modes, including “2 sensor per axle” and HUB-2 and HUB-4 modes
  • New: Histogram window now can use OBDII RPM in addition of engine RPM channel (which sometimes is not available)

11/OCT/2018, release

  • New: Progressive ramp transition (from steady) for avoiding deep changes in brake signal / control (BETA)
  • New: Fullscreen Graphs (CTRL + SHIFT + F11) (BETA)
  • New: Review “”unblock”” function (in direct mode): now it checks when brake speed is low and unblocks automatically
  • New: Brake is set to zero automatically after test when speed is low (fixed brake mode)
  • New: “Change Ramp” function added: Ramp rate can be changed at the middle of the test, either to make ramp slower or even set a negative ramp (double-ramp test type)
  • New: CAN: IXXAT DLL has been splitted in a sepparate wrapper DLL to avoid using two COMM DLL versions
  • New: CAN: Unify OBDII, xDS and CAN/ECU icons in a single icon “CAN”
  • Bug: Sequencer: the loop number remained hidden very often (after time delays)
  • Bug: When the 2nd load cell factor was hidden it still used it to show the calibration factor warning message, this was confusing
  • Bug: “Yellow” box showed wrong test name (beginning of the full path name)
  • Bug: When renaming the test, the yellow box didn’t update the name
  • Bug: After loading one CSV file, the second CSV file showed blank graphs
  • Bug: Sequencer CSV: run lasted very short
  • Bug: CAN PWS monitoring at PID window was wrong (x5 times higher current)
  • Bug: Gauges: Controls out of screen / regrouped
  • Bug: Sequencer CSV: Issues with relays column

24/SEP/2018, release

  • New: Added an ‘undo’ function after cutting the test (Restore Backup menu)
  • New: Size for test popup after dyno run is now configurable (width)
  • New: Interpolation has been added also to External Analog channels (CIO)
  • New: Sequencer CSV: relays column has been changed to binary, it accepts ‘b1000000’ and ‘X——-‘ formats
  • Bug: WS message sometimes became hidden if the gauges were open with ‘keep always visible’ setting, now it has been changed to a different window type and also it is timed
  • Bug: Stock formulas of EV calculated channels have been reviewed
  • Bug: Did not change to the new folder when loading a test and this option is selected
  • Bug: External Analog: default CIO channels now are signed, although CIO card uses negative values to show an error
  • Bug: After deleting one alert, the SW still was checking it
  • Bug: CANopen listener didn’t work properly (it hide all channels)

12/SEP/2018, release

  • New: Enable “brake on servo” output for using water brake with a servo
  • New: Add OBDII protocol to test
  • New: ext sources: IR sensors now can acquire decimal temperature
  • Bug: XDS: bug in the throttle voltage and calibration (SDS)
  • Bug: After cutting a test it was shown moved on the screen, which could make think that the cut position was wrong
  • Bug: After cutting a test, if the autosave mode is active it has to confirm the save

3/SEP/2018, release

  • Bug: Sometimes it does not allow to enter manually the ratio value, even in fixed ratio mode, now it waits up to 6 seconds before sending the new value to allow to enter it completelly.
  • Bug: Some long tests are identified as inverted despite they are not.

29/AUG/2018, release

  • Bug: Incosistencies between fixed ratio and hystogram, also update delay in number of teeth for SP1/SP3.

10/AUG/2018, release

  • Bug: With SP1/SP3 after the Test Ratio function the ratio was not updated at Gauges Window (but is was at test)

9/AUG/2018, release

  • New: Realtime value has been add to channels window to ease the calibration process (for analog channels)
  • New: When right-clicking over the Test Details Grid some values now are grouped into submenus, for instance [Dyno]: Inertia 1, inertia 2, number of pulses, etc
  • New: Support to TC E-H inputs configured as +/-2.048 V inputs (needs a Firmware update)
  • Bug: When doing the Ratio Test and pressing Start/Stop switch, the test started (now it comes back to Gauge Screen first)

24/JUL/2018, release

  • New: Enhanced filter (BETA), it improves tests with very low vibration frequencies (for instance kart 4 stroke), also provides cleaner results than “HF” and “LPF” filters together
  • Bug: Channels Window: Disabling channel “tick” did not work

20/JUL/2018, release

  • New: Calculated channels: add channels a from predefined list, this allows to lookup the channel key and formula from a list instead of taking the next available calculated channel
  • Bug: torque data table when printing (the peak value is corrected at engine, while the other values are not corrected)

16/JUL/2018, release

  • New: Air-speed: Add manual mode at configuration and Slider to gauges window
  • Bug: Enable SP6 option at Configuration Window
  • Bug: Fault when opening (save) a CSV file for exporting data
  • Bug: Tooltip text (help text) fixed at clutch filter (configuration window)

26/JUN/2018, release

  • Bug: SP4. Compatibility problems with prescaler and ratio from SD4.0. SP4

25/JUN/2018, release

  • Bug: Review printing, when several tests are printed this lefts a few room for the graphs and sometimes they did not fit
  • Bug: Ensure that “continuous update” does not affect to fixed ratio
  • Bug: “Use latest open file’s folder to save new files” did not work
  • Bug: when dragging files to the SW, they do not show the right power
  • Bug: It did nott load the grid color correctly (it is always black)

22/JUN/2018, release 4.0.30:

  • New. Keep grid color to fixed (not as channel color). Now it is also configurable
  • New. Disable Equivalent Inertia = 0 constraint for engine mode
  • New. Add support to SP6 AWD with 4 rollers (but only 2 cells and brakes)
  • New. Report. Allow inverting HP and TQ sides in report
  • New. Review xDS interface to acquire both raw and calibrated THR values
  • New. Add units to number boxes (specially for PID monitor)
  • New. It updates available COMs often when connection has not stablished yet
  • New. Add kmh combo to main window gauge and to properties window
  • Bug: While changing the background color in settings the OBD TPS channel color was being changed too
  • Bug: on XP when deleting the first profile (RegCopyTree @ advapi.dll is not present in XP). By now the error is captured so the program does not crash, but not fixed.
  • Bug: When “always visible” is set, the software started with all test modes disabled (except inertial). Tested on SP3
  • Bug: When entering demo or beginner modes it had to ask for a password
  • Bug: Report, align TQ and HP positions in “starting at min” mode
  • Bug. At configuration window, the second background color text was actually “Yellow Box” color
  • Bug. Don’t allow to change Grid thickness (grid = 1) but Graph thickness (graphs = N)
  • Bug. Average torque didn’t show decimals
  • Bug. After doing a ratio test it should go to fixed mode or OBDII mode
  • Bug. Alarms vs Relays: when an alarm was detected it worked only in toggle mode, now it forces the set/clear value
  • Bug. Optimize Sequencer grid editting

1/JUN/2018, release 4.0.29:

  • New: Sequencer: Longer delays (hours)
  • New: Block test export option, it allows to export all loaded tests to C:\DynoTest folder to ease automated processes
  • New: Test Export: added option to remove file header
  • New: Sequencer: Nested loops, up to 5th level
  • New: Print: added image export options (.png, .gif and .jpg)
  • New: New CANopen module added to ECU function for electric motor controllers (SEVCON & Curtis)
  • New: New IXXAT CAN interface Added (note that it needs a different EXTCOMMS40.DLL)

11/MAY/2018, release

  • Bug: Fixed problems when printing in “one test per page” mode, and there are disabled tests (blank pages)
  • New: Average function: Add an option to choose between corrected / uncorrected power
  • New: Add groups “CAN” and “Calculated” to the popup menu for tests graphs area (right-mouse button)
  • New: Added ‘’ string to Report

7/MAY/2018, release 4.0.28:

  • New: Increased size of Test Mode texts
  • New: Road Simulation Support (available only under request)
  • New: Allow prescaler 1,4,16 for SP1 (manual mode)

4/MAY/2018, release

  • Bug: Runtime error when recording a new test (compiling order problem, recompiled and now fixed)

26/APR/2018, release

  • Bug: When using SP3 it went back to SP1 setting, even with fixed setting
  • Bug: Alarms didn’t switch off the ignition when it had to
  • New: Show a warning message when the roller blocking / lift is active

9/APR/2018, release

  • New: Low Pass filter increased to 2.0 seconds (use it with moderation)

4/APR/2018, release 4.0.27:

  • Bug: With old SP1 FW 3.x, Software did not acquire correctly the roller acceleration data (no TQ and no HP)
  • Bug: When loading a Test File, Channel names were not displayed correctly for UNICODE alphabets

14/MAR/2018, release 4.0.26:

  • New: Allow “standard chart” without losses
  • Bug: Step test type was automatically disabled as soon as any test type is selected
  • Bug: Runtime error Overflow at PID monitor
  • Bug: Sportdyno ICON was not longer shown in the “programs” list
  • Bug: Averaged tests will not show maximum values at test grid and will not have correct scalling when the other tests are hidden

7/MAR/2018, release 4.0.25:

  • New: Printed report: Darked / shadowed scales
  • New: Printed report: selected scale should be always HP for report (so x lines correspond to power)
  • New: Printed report: black grid and scales
  • Bug: With the average HP & TQ mode active, when activating other channels, the average HP line goes down

2/MAR/2018, release 4.0.24:

  • New: For tests average function now it allows to choose between time or rpm as reference axis
  • New: WS corrections did not work on averaged tests (intentionally), now it has been enabled (when changed from FIXED to some norm: ISO, DIN, etc)
  • New: Maintenance notice can be disabled now
  • Bug: Weather values allowed out of range values, now it applies some limits
  • Bug: When printing chart and main screen was not in “add losses” mode, the result was confusing, as chart always adds losses, but numeric values are taken from the method used in the main screen (which was not in “add losses” mode)
  • Bug: Problems with the “start at min” option in the “standard chart” report, each test had its own minimum starting values, which leads to incorrect graph scaling. Now minimums are calculated for all tests / for each channel
  • Bug: Shortcut Icon looked bad, now replaced by the previous hi-res icon
  • Bug: Editting pressure didn’t update correction factor (temp and humid did update)
  • Bug: SW was not reading all pending messages from Weather Station, this created some delay
  • Bug: SW was recalculating ratio in the Fixed Ratio mode. Now it does not

6/FEB/2018, release 4.0.23:

  • New: Antialiasing / zoom added to printing to decrease effect of dots
  • New: Added a Ratio column to CSV sequencer to allow changing gears at CSV simulation
  • New: Enable channel 0x30 for calculated channel (to use graphs vs roller axis)
  • Bug: When changing from chart type to screenshot some channels where shown and time scale was not ok
  • Bug: “options/gauges” text has been disabled when in horizontal arrangement mode
  • Bug: When saving an Averaged test, it didn’t open next time
  • Bug: When all files are hidden, and opening a new one, it enabled the last one
  • Bug: Comments window didn’t not update the comments field in the test
  • Bug: Review stability of HP and TQ at PID monitor (and at gauges), in steady mode
  • Bug: When changing number of teeth for SP1/SP3 the “disk” button does not get enabled
  • Bug: if changing the dyno profile and then open Configuration window or PID monitor, it restored the number of teeth of previous profile.
  • Bug: Chinese language gave an error

7/DEC/2017, release

  • Bug: STEP TEST did not interpolate Engine RPM and Calc RPM, then roller RPM did not match in the graphs with engine and calc.

4/DEC/2017, release 4.0.22:

  • Bug: During step test the program freezed (this only happened when max test time was higher than 10 minutes)
  • Bug: Yellow Cursor could track coasting part of Lambda channel when it was hidden
  • Bug: HP scale was green when printing chart mode (graph was red)
  • New: Step test now can be aborted with any key (as sequencer does)
  • New: Maintenance value now is set to 1000 tests
  • New: If some value from weather station is received incorrectly, the program now uses the previous value

30/NOV/2017, release 4.0.21:

  • Bug: Step test mode had interferences with inertial mode, and if automatic stop was selected for inertial it stopped immediately
  • Bug: Step test mode reviewed: after test with “stop when higher” active, the ignition relay didn’t stop
  • Bug: CSV file could not be loaded in the Sequencer

21/NOV/2017, release 4.0.20:

  • Bug: Step test mode reviewed, target (green circle) never completed the recording time
  • Bug: After a dyno run average HP was 0, but if recalculated then it was ok. Now it is fixed
  • Bug: When TCP was selected, FTDI was still “ticked”

15/NOV/2017, release

  • Bug: XDS TPS calibration was not performed at SD startup, it was necessary to enter the XDS window, click on TPS tab, and then click on main tab again
  • Bug: It was mixing “No” and “no to all” at new message (when closing files)
  • Bug: When a calculated channel was added “for new tests” it was not in the new test. Only after updating channels or closing SD it was adding to all new tests. Now it updates the available channels every time a channel is marked/unmarked as “add”
  • Bug: When applying an user factor of x0.1 to thermocouple input it still applied x1.0 due to a compatibility topic with an old FW. Now it appllies the correct FW selection

09/NOV/2017, release

  • Bug: Relays always toggled with old SP5 FW versions
  • Bug: When testing the new relays function, it didn’t worked well back with older FW
  • Bug: “>” and “<” characters were interchanged in sequencer

08/NOV/2017, release 4.0.19:

  • New: FTDI mode added for main COM to provide direct connection, and to improve USB performance (it sets latency to 1ms)
  • New: New relays management (for corresponding Firmware). In this new mode, only changes are transmitted for single relays to prevent the relay status changing in blocks if the previous received status was wrong or not up to date.
  • New: CAN PWS Integration. Pre-test check (PWS connected and faults detected by PWS)

23/OCT/2017, release 4.0.18:

  • Bug: Did not store start and stop values for inertial test mode
  • Bug: Connection (Status) issues, it stayed yellow until PID monitor or Gauges were open
  • Bug: When searching a new COM, if there are no COMs it gets the TCP, even if it is not visible (confusing)
  • Bug: When the file is stored, there was no HP and TQ data in the internal data (but it was being recalculated)
  • New: When adding a calculated channel, it should be enabled and selected automatically

20/OCT/2017, release 4.0.17:

  • PID monitor works slowly when there are big controls at gauges window (even if they are not visible). Now controls that are not visible are moved, and excessive big controls are reduced
  • SD4.0 vs SP3 compatibility issue. Now SP3 is detected and recorded as expected
  • Analyzing causes of glitches. Data timeout increased to 800ms. It is strongly recommended to change USB driver latency to 1ms
  • Presets did not work ok for AFR and lambda
  • After grouping tests several times, colours change

16/OCT/2017, release 4.0.16:

  • Bug: If SP5 communication is lost during the connection process, the icon did not go back to disconnected/red
  • Bug: Review 2 roller / 1 axle mode: added 2nd diameter and number of teeth
  • Bug: Engine dyno tests sometimes showed “-INF” at HP engine field: “28.7 (-INF) / 12355”
  • Bug: Did not show GPS during track simulation (the first run)
  • Bug: GPS graph was not shown for negative LON (USA)
  • New: Adding a ratio channel as a provision of variable ratio tests, for instance if ratio is changed during step tests

6/OCT/2017, release 4.0.15:

  • New: maintenance notice (now set to 150 tests)
  • New: Added a relay column at CSV simulation file (5th column)
  • New: Enable a fixed throttle automatically with start of test for engine dyno
  • New: Sequencer:
    • Encrypted / Binary sequencer files
    • Hide all Sequence file (when encrypted file)
    • Split header in 3 colums: Variable, Value, Comment (variable not editable)
    • Update Sequencer help
    • Bug: Review sequencer instructions to allow the usage of variables in all of them, for instance RAMP was not updated
  • New: Review Password levels: Demo, Beginner, Normal (default), Administrator
  • New: Add a max rate constraint to avoid hard brakings (engine dyno)

29/SEP/2017, release 4.0.14:

  • New: Big buttons have been integrated in the toolbar to allow to use smaller Monitor
  • New: Sequencer file is now parametrized. In the header section there are labels defined as “$label”, and these labels can be used along the sequencer (MIN_RPM = $label). When using parameters the seq file the lines remain grayed (not editable)
  • New: Direct button for steady and ramp (Modes)
  • New: add new safety-relays support to SW
  • Bug: CAN:
    • max id: it was limited to 23 bit. Now it allows 29 bit
    • CAN id now can be decimal or hex (0x….)
    • sign attribute: it was not imported correctly
    • First allowed channel was 0x91, now it is 0x90″
  • Bug: improve acceleration calculation and checksum errors (if a sample was not ok it appeared a glitch in the accel, now the SW fixes the faulty sample)
  • Bug: When pressing F12 to close throttle, it also shows the printer Window
  • Bug: When trying to open some 3.8 files on 4.0 it showed automation error
  • New: Remove decimals from load cell calibration Window (N*m)
  • Bug: Review ratio function (3.8 only calculates ratio when accelerating)

12/SEP/2017, release 4.0.13:

  • New: (PWS with CAN) Addeded manual tests for checking the connection (SP5 to PWS to Brake), this is specially useful on AWD dynos as it is necessary to know that both brakes work before the test. This is part of a bigger diagnostic system that is being developed.
  • New: Added “Yes to all” and “No to all” options to the unsaved files check. Note: language files contain only English, Nederlands and Spanish translation for these buttons.
  • New: “Using MAX_RPM and MIN_RPM names as variables in Sequencer. Examples: REF = MIN_RPM. Wait ch < MIN_RPM”
  • New: “Max Values” Summary Window, now it can be moved / dragged
  • Bug: “manage folders” setting was not stored
  • Bug: check that folder names do not have spaces
  • Bug: Continuous Update checkbox showed enabled but it was not (and did not update)
  • Bug: Yellow popup shows bad text when it is too long

6/SEP/2017, release 4.0.12:

  • New: Power Supply Feedback (CAN) added at PID monitor window. This is part of a bigger diagnostic system that is being developed.
  • Bug: Didn’t store traction mode, only single axle/awd. It uses it now for recovering test details (when necessary)
  • Bug: Version 4.0.11 applies target RPM=0 when setting inertial mode in direct mode (default is guided mode)

4/SEP/2017, release 4.0.11:(do not download)

  • Bug: Ramp didn’t stop in “direct” mode (in guided mode it stopped)
  • Bug: When edditing the test number in “folders” mode, the Special characters error was reported (it should not take into account “\” or “:” from the full path).
  • Bug: After doing a test sometimes the cursor is floating
  • Bug: New CAN channels were not available in Sportdyno (only at 4.0.10), only at Ext Channels Window
  • New: Min CAN update rate set to 15 ms

31/AUG/2017, release 4.0.10:

  • New: When changing FWD, RWD, AWD now it verifies that the command has been received and the new channels are updated
  • New, CAN: channel Ids are assigned in the ECU descriptor file, so each (predefined) channel has always the same ID
  • New: Added option to disable inertial mode (advanced options)
  • Bug: Splitter lines (Main Window) were not visible after entering the configuration window
  • Bug: Print: number colors and graph colors do not fully match (did not apply ‘dark print’ setting)
  • Bug: LP Filter only stored 0 or 1
  • Bug: Did not store the “continuous update” setting for ratio mode
  • Bug: yellow box/secondary mode needed two clicks after hidding tests(3rd pass)

24/AUG/2017, release 4.0.9:

  • Bug: It did not apply changes on filters from the button at main configuration
  • Bug: the “HP and TQ start at min values” option did not work on tests without losses/coasting
  • Bug: the horizontal grid lines and the HP scale disappear when enabling and disabling seveal channels
  • New: The “MAX” button is now hidden by default, and can be enabled at config / advanced options
  • Text mistake: Looses -> Losses
  • Bug: Emergency Stop + Config Export = modal form error
  • New: option for taking test configuration from latest loaded file (ramp settings, ratio, etc)

22/AUG/2017, release 4.0.8:

  • New: arrange folders from the test name/details. IF ACTIVATED: Sportdyno will create folders for every Brand/Model/Customer
  • New: “Max” button added (it shows similar info to test grd but simplified and a little magnified, in the center of screen)
  • New function: Power increase (0%, 5%, 10%)
  • New, CAN: Change “Get RPM form OBDII Channel” ? to “Get RPM from ECU Channel” (OBDII, CAN, xDS, etc…)”
  • New, CAN: CAN listener now identifies the first channel called ‘engine rpm’ or ‘engine speed’ from ECU definition file to be used as Engine RPM at Gauges and Ratio windows
  • New: yellow box/secondary mode needed two clicks to activate both tests, now it selects the first two
  • Bug, CAN: Selected chanels are added to test, but with the wrong label/name. Now it renames the Main Channels names to the channels from the CSV file.
  • Bug: Hours counter was not being updated
  • Bug: Secondary Test: after X value it showed ‘????’, now it is empty
  • Bug: Yellow box ghosts (when secondary test is enabled)
  • Bug: When more than 8 tests are in the SW and group colors by test was select, colors were not right
  • Bug: Problem with RAMP min/max rpm: sometimes it did not remmember last setting. The problem happened when changing the tab while one of the fields was being edited
  • Bug, CAN: String in ECU listener didn’t reflect real values as each ECU definition file can have different channels at the fixed SD positions. Now it is just a composition of first 3 channels
  • Bug, CAN: the gauge on the right display “RPM ECU” from CAN with the wrong name and a non updating value
  • Bug: Printer Configuration: test columns button didn’t open the window

10/AUG/2017, release 4.0.7:

  • Bug: When traction mode was AWD, it was not selected at gauges window next time the window is entered (although it was internally selected)
  • Bug: Translate “only Front, Only Rear…” to each language
  • Bug: When using the thermometer control for lambda it worked badly (due to starting offset at 10 AFR)
  • Bug: ramp min rpm went to 0 after entering Step Test and going back Ramp
  • Bug: sometimes “teeth2” changed to 1, in AWD mode
  • Bug: Bad speed translation at configuration from roller rpm fields
  • New: default min roller rpm = 700 RPM was too high for 505 mm rollers, now is 200 RPM
  • New: now does not show _bak files when loading a test (added another filter for them)
  • New: Graph & scales Line Thickness added to configuration
  • Bug, CAN: when pressing OK at the ‘ECU Listener Channel Selection’ window, the main External COMMs was also closed, now, when pressing OK, it comes back to External COMMs window
  • New, CAN: setting added to tell the SW if the CAN listener has to be activated on startup or manually to prevent problems with the ECU (if baud setting was changed)
  • Bug, CAN: Each time you opened “External Data Source” windows from “can listener”, SD activated ON a channel by itself (the next from your last selection, or the first one if this is the first time you open this windows).
  • Bug, CAN: Also, sometimes when selecting channels, they were not put in SD “channel” main windows
  • Bug, CAN: Can Listener only took data from M.S. addresses (an internal filter was active, but not re-configured by SW), now the address filter is disabled to allow the full range
  • New, CAN: warning added “Please Note that using inapropriate baud rate may stop the communications between the CAN devices”

20/JUL/2017, release 4.0.6:

  • When using the Ratio Window, after the ratio is determined, now the program ensures that rpm is at a good value (lower than the “pre-charge” rpm, before commanding steady mode
  • Speed / RPM setting now applies for each control by sepparate, not for all as before
  • (bug)Gauge controls had big delay, while scroller only had about 1 sec. Probably due to slow updating freq
  • (bug)Printing issues: “5252 rpm” option didn’t work correctly. Now the tests are recalculated and the maximums calculated before dumping the graphs
  • (bug)Printing issues: “5252 rpm” option didn’t enable again the “min values” frame at config window (it was mixed with the main 5252 rpm option)
  • (bug)When the starter relay was commanded with Shift-F2 it finally switched off (internal timeout) but it did not update the button status, but only when it
  • (bug)Printing issues: after printing, the SW changed always to “add losses” mode (did not restore the previous status)
  • (bug)Fields inertia1, teeth1 and diameter1 where not correctly stored (mixed with axle 2)

6/JUL/2017, release 4.0.5: (link removed)

  • (bug)When doing new tests, previous tests show power = 0, although graphs were ok. After re-calculating they showed right values
  • (bug)After first test HP and TQ scales were wrong. After recalculating they were ok)
  • (bug)Gauges: Green needle (peak value) did not move
  • (bug)When restoring gauges the window remain empty
  • (bug)Default Engine RPM gauge should include PID Ref channel as 2nd neddle
  • (bug)OBDII status icon was not updated in the OBDII window, if the OBDII window is opened after the connection
  • (bug)When printing to a XDS printer (Microsoft) and cancelling the operation it caused an error

29/JUN/2017, release 4.0.4:

  • Added Engine RPM Divider combo (same as for Engine gauge), also at Engine RPM tab
  • Foxed strange jumps in the PID fields (sometimes to zero)
  • Adding controls to empty gauges window could raise a runtime error, now additional protection to accessing the selected ‘control’ variable has been added
  • Weather Station warning message could cause a runtime error if other modal window was open, now additional protection before showing new forms has been added
  • Control names were badly shown when the channel is assigned FIRST time
  • After deleting a test it asked if you want to write it (didn’t make sense), now it does not ask it
  • It were numbering issues when the “generate test name” function was active (name didn’t include the auto-increment number)
  • Stored HP and TQ values are now used until the test is edited to keep the original HP and TQ values created with the test (to prevent unnecessary recalculations to do little changes in readings across different SW versions)
  • SP3: test mode issues (it showed ramp mode details, even if inertial was initially selected)
  • SP1, 1-pulse per rev caused issues at low speeds
  • Weather Station: Direct FTDI Search to avoid searching across several COMs
  • Now SW has re-arranged certain channels as cell1 and cell2 that were not consequtive (with respect their IDs / keys)
  • Issues when tracking in rpm mode, specially for coasting graph, fixed
  • Optimized end of filtering to get a longer aailable data (it uses filter / 2 at the end)

30/MAY/2017, release

  • PID monitor: add “properties” popup menu for scrollers
  • Scrollers: colours Assignment (according to channel’s colour) and re-arrangement of scale numbers
  • When resizing a scroller or other combos, sometimes the control did not take the new size (specially at window resize event)
  • Removed ‘group’ combo from channels menu (group field), now there is only a group number
  • When editting a gauge or control, sometimes the channels list is empty, it has been added an ‘update’ button to get the channels list
  • Management of Negative load cell coefficient at SP5 side (changed from unsigned 16 to signed 15)
  • When changing from engine dyno to vehicle dyno, the RPM vs KMH scales were not updated properly

23/MAY/2017, release

  • New function to Discard load cell channel during coasting. Some old dynos have strong vibrations during coasting. This function provides a clear output for the power losses graph when added to the wheel power

22/MAY/2017, release

  • Gauges/Ratio tab: Button for acquiring ratio in clamp and ECU modes
  • Gauges/Ratio tab: Checkbox to enable continuous acquiring (normal way in inertial operation)

20/MAY/2017, release 4.0.3:

  • Scroller operation debugged (channels and updating speed)
  • Re-arrangement of presets now channels have a channel type (hardware) and a user type
  • Blocked scale for not editable channels (OBDII, etc)

11/MAY/2017, release

  • PID monitor: added splitted windows to allocate load cell channels and AWD roller diff for monitoring during system installation
  • When a new box is added now it is applied a default size depending on its type
  • When a file from the RFL was not in the disk it created an empty file. Now it shows a message and does not create the empty file
  • Additional German language review

8/MAY/2017, release

  • Did not show the background gradient correctly on big screens
  • Did not load background
  • Added “stop engine” option to gauges window
  • Wrong roller RPM (speed). Now only roller rpm for engine dyno type
  • Nederlands Language: bad “upload logo” sentence (msg 660 was bad)

3/MAY/2017, release

  • With white background and “group tests” mode, X-axis was sometimes too light
  • Compatibility issue SW4.0 with FW2.30 or earlier (debug KP_R setting)
  • STEP TEST modified to acquire the friction losses / coasting (note than step test did not use inertia!)

29/APR/2017, release

  • Printing bug: it was showing channels that should be filtered
  • Printing bug: runtime error when one file and no data table
  • SP1 vs SD4.0: bad HP -> prescaler was not considered for SP1 during the acceleration calculation, and thus torque and power
  • Config window, Consolas font issue: added the err.description message to clarify
  • More language review (German and French)
  • Max Engine RPM / Max Calculated RPM added at test file details (in case Engine RPM Channel is 0)
  • Emergency Stop and AWD Sync error Messages have been moved to a different window to allow “always on top”-type message

28/APR/2017, release 4.0.2:

  • Review / Arrange Load Cell config and teeth info to ensure F/R/AWD sub-modes
  • Dyno name / profile added to test info
  • Problems when changing from SP4 to SP5 with the prescaler. It is not updated from 4 to 1, or oposite
  • Change the profiles per transmission type (Front, Rear, AWD) by a sub-type on a single profile (AWD Dyno-subtype: front)
  • SHIFT+Fx fails sometimes
  • Errors when closing the SW
  • Button + led state for adding losses
  • CAN: Authentication problems
  • Print HP units (mechanical or metric)
  • Show delta time in average HP (from starting RPM to ending RPM)
  • Does not load correctly recent tests when the current folder is not the same
  • Recent recorded tests are not shown in the Recent File List
  • Connections that end in “red” state

25/APR/2017, release

  • Clutch Peak Filter added (when the coasting has an initial peak)

24/APR/2017, release

  • Support for AWD Sync error message (it needs the FW updated to be displayed)
  • (bug) Average power sometimes showed bad output
  • (bug) Slow down ramp was not correctly applied at the end of an inertial test
  • “Gauges Always On Top” new feature
  • Align relay and thermo (channel) names between sw and hardware and manuals
  • Deep review of language files: internal code messages and untranslated windows as OBDII and xDS have been added to lan files
  • Road Simulation Support. Started, not yet available (SP6)
  • When configuration password is active all config fields are disabled except the printer options
  • “Disable feedback” (bad) text in the “semaphore” window

11/APR/2017, release

  • (bug) RPM target and THR were not updated correctly in seq. Status
  • Remove load cell warning message when negative scale is used
  • “Emergency Stop Activated” message was not shown in SD4.0
  • Field “km/h” did not work at Test Grid (no values: 0)
  • Cutting tests did not work

6/APR/2017, release

  • Weather Station: Support for “Question & Answer” protocol to prevent Ballpoint device issue (Windows issue)
  • Default “C:/Temp” folder changed to “C:/Dyno Tests”
  • PID monitor window also locked with password (when configuration is locked)
  • Configuration: “upload logo” button added
  • Alerts are also exported in the configuration file
  • Step Test reviewed to support AWD dyno

31/MAR/2017, release

  • Unicode chars in the yellow label
  • Changed RPM Step rounding to 50 RPM
  • 2nd load cell channel got corrupted when loading the test again, and during Dynorun recording HP was not shown
  • When doing new tests, from some point the scales were wrong during test, but after the test they are ok again

22/MAR2017, release

  • When closing sequencer status, sequencer does not stop
  • “keep colours” function in graphs for grouping tests (colours were inverted with respect the test list)
  • “Slow down” function after test is disabled for sequencer program
  • Sequencer: in a test loop it only recorded the first test
  • Big resolution (2560
  • 1600) showed error 6-overflow, but lower (2048
  • 1536) did not
  • Sequencer did not stop if you stop it manually, It keeped recording
  • If test color is yellow then text can not be read in table
  • Clamping for Input data (max value) did not work
  • Gauges: speed combo lost its control when control moves
  • Wheater station had some issues (disconnected, and COM search was too short)

14/MAR/2017, release

  • “5252 RPM” crossing point Issues in both: non losses and losses graphs, due to filter de-phases
  • Language reviewed, Unicode support through a license
  • NEW: Increased resolution of printed report
  • When changing profile and Gauges are open, load cell scale were not updated until it is opened again
  • Editting Sequencer: now saves before run or before closing
  • NEW: Print each test in one sheet (when group option is disabled)
  • ECU: it added too much ECU “spare” channels to the test (did not update the ECU listener before the test)
  • Added Output Speed Target Channel (beta)
  • NEW: New group CAN in popup menu (right mouse over graphs), ANA channels were all together
  • view/hide tests issue (tick on grid list)
  • Average test. Wrong RPM channel

15/FEB/2017, release

  • Sequencer was changing to CSV/track type when “WAIT_CH” operation was executed
  • Test mode could be changed using function keys even when the test was running
  • NEW: Test results are stored to a DB-like file (CSV)
  • Steady Mode: steps with pg up/dn are rounded now to 100 RPM not to step value (step=500, before: 3222 to 3500, now: 3222 to 3700)
  • Gauges: Combo RPM/Speed did not work good
  • Gauges: Rollers Speed Gauge did not apply text when switching from RPM to Speed. It always showed RPM text
  • xDS channels dissapeared when CIO (CAN) channels are active
  • It did not load old tests (earlier to SD 3.x)

2/FEB/2017, release

  • NEW: Brake is activated with F9 + fixed SW setting for vehicle “installation”
  • New ECU files have been verified with an external CAN interface
  • NEW: Add raw column to CAN-ECU Listener
  • Default CAN Data (Kb and ms) was 0, also when zero it shows an error but it was not clear that this is the cause
  • NEW: Added a “(none)” entry in the ECU def. files

30/JAN/2017, release

  • Verify CIO connectivity and new ECU files
  • Step test: Remove ramp mode (when ramp=0)
  • Activation / desactivation of tests (visible) works bad on installed version
  • When printing in “screenshot” mode the scales are not the same as for main window
  • Average power calculation resulted in 0.
  • Average File does not work
  • Power losses were added up twice on print-out.
  • xDS channels are not active on startup. Always have to go to XDS window so they become active
  • RELAYn=ON did not work (RELAYn=1 did work)
  • Printed report does not show the right power at the very final TOTAL
  • Report starts at 0 rpm (it used non filtered data)
  • Add “Show/Hide All Tests” to Test menu
  • Add “Hide All Columns” to grid
  • Password protected config, so other users cannot change config

19/JAN/2017, release

  • RPM / 2 Issue at gauges vs semaphore window
  • Auto pause for step test
  • STEP Map for StepTest (Auto and manual) Timer / load time
  • After a step test if the Sequencer is opened it gets corrupted
  • New tests do not have “static losses” info
  • Activate Step Config again
  • Load cell zeroing was wrong
  • Some windows (gauges) are bigger that some screens (new laptops with 700 height)
  • Runtime error while trying to add new row at the very top of the sequencer
  • Runtime error while trying to delete a row at the bottom of the sequencer
  • When updating the maximums for roller or engine, update also the associated variables

12/JAN/2017, release

  • Test Ratio did not work for inertial mode
  • Sometimes after doing a test, the graphs are not selected and HP or other channel has to be selected. Also tracking is sometimes lost
  • After printing colours of channels had changed
  • Problems when updating colours on existing test
  • Activate all/disable all at Test Average Window
  • Sometimes it hangs when reconnecting the Weather Station (related with Microsoft Ballpoint Device). It comes to life again when disconnecting WS
  • Realtime channels related to power didn’t work in gauges window, or when loading the test
  • Realtime channels (all) didn’t work
  • Report: disable 2nd chart
  • It was not sending Authentication commands (AWD activation)
  • Error when closing config caused by Recent files that start by numbers (language function)
  • detect forbidden characters (/ ?
  • etc) in filenames
  • Show alarm when the WS is unreacheable
  • CIO308 scales added to Registry

26/DEC/2016, release

  • Scroller does not have decimals in scale
  • “””Ghosts”” in the secondary test mode when tracking
  • Automatic backcolor and forecolor for “black” boxes
  • For SP1. When I put number of teeth it does not update prescaler
  • When recording OBDII channels, it records all 48 channels (spares too)
  • When clicking between auto and SP5 and bottom menu dissapears
  • Save picture mode it doesn’t show same view as on pc screen
  • (NEW) Create a combo for the ECU listener definitions
  • Load config loads all profiles, but if file has only one profile it has to add it at the end
  • Save config saves all profiles.
  • Delete profile deletes last item in Registry, not selected one
  • Compatibility HP differences 3.8 with 3.7
  • Ratios / brand / model, recent list
  • lower bound configurable to auto but > 0
  • Having several Dyno profiles / Pictures to ease Dyno setup