ShockAnalyzer 2.0 Whats new?

ShockAnalyzer V2.0

Note: This version is no longer developed.

26/DEC/2017, release

  • Compression / extension report (values) is sensitive to the selected sub-test

25/AUG/2017, release 2.0.14:

16/AUG/2017, release 2.0.13:

28/JUN/2017, release

31/MAY/2017, release

26/MAY/2017, release

26/MAY/2017, release

3/MAY/2017, release

27/APR/2017, release

3/APR/2017, release

19/FEB/2017, release

5/FEB/2017, release

11/AUG/2016, release

1/MAR/2016, release 2.0.10:

3/NOV/2015, release 2.0.9: