Shock Absorber Analyzer Kit


ShockAnalyzer Shock Absorber ELECTRONICS


  • Real time data acquisition with any computer
  • ShockAbsorber speed, force and temperature recording
  • Multi-speed: motor is driven by VFD to record the shockabsorber characteristics at several speeds
  • Multi-test: several tests can be recorded or loaded

Software Manual: shockanalyzer20.14-eng

*Prices do not include VAT

What does the electronic kit include:

  • ShockAnalyzer DAQ
  • 100 mm potentiometer + extension cable
  • 1000 kg load cell
  • 3-pin cable for VFD
  • Power cable
  • FTDI USB to RS232 adapter
  • Software CD

Note: Machine is not included in the price of electronic kit


Power input: 85-230V 50Hz/60Hz

Load Cell input: recommended 2mV/V and 3mV/V type

Data connection 115200 baud RS232C (DB9 Conn). The kit includes a dedicated COM-USB cable

Roller RPM input connector (CN2)

  • Type of sensor: Hall Effect active sensor (doesn’t need external magnets)
  • Type of input: logical Level (active at high level)
  • Maximum frequency: 18 KHz (6,700 RPM with 180 teeth)
  • Maximum cable length: 10 m
  • (Optional) Run/Stop input SWITCH

Engine RPM Capacitive Input: capacitive type (reads high voltage pulses on ignition cables)

Display: LCD 16×2 Characters.


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