Lambda Pump Block


The main purpose of the block, is to fill the gap between the well known test forms such as the stationary 4-5 gas meter and in-exhaust lambda probes.

This block is primarily developed for professional use in combination with a Dynanometer, but can also be used as a cheap alternative to a gas meter, for people with a small budget.

The block is designed to create uniform test conditions over the entire rev range.

The biggest and most important advantage of using the block, is that gas flow, temperature and pressure will be stabilized.
For example, pressure waves in a slow running V2 engine, will be transformed into a stabile gas flow.
The constantly changing temperature you will find when testing in an ”open loop” system, will be converted to a stabile low temperature. These advantages creates a stabile measuring environment, similar to a ”close loop” system as the lambda probe is designed for.

Instructions: Lambda Pump Block

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