Lambda Controller


Supplied with SportDevices SP1/SP5 analog input connector, also suitable for any data-acquisition system (2D data-recording, AIM…). It incldes a 8 meter signal + 12V cable to ease the connection to SPx units. Please note that the 12V source is not included.


  • Accurate Air/Fuel Ratio <0.1, Fast Reaction
  • Wideband LINEAR Analog Output (0-5V)
  • Sensor soft start circuitry, prolongs o2 sensor life.
  • Compact and Professional Design

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  • Operating Voltage 9V to 16V
  • Power Consumption 25 Watt Max
  • Analog Output AFR Linear 0-5V
  • Useful Lambda Range 10-18
  • AFR Accuracy < 0.1AFR (Gasoline)


  • Type Bosch LSU4.9
  • Accuracy¬† +/- 0.7%
  • Exhaust Temp Limit 1030 C
  • Cable & Protector Sleeve Temp Limit 250 C
  • Mounting M18 X 1.5 thread
  • Nominal Service Life 80,000 km for Unleaded Fuel


  • Power: the lambda requires a DC power supply with 12V and at least 1.5A
  • Power connector: it has two wires: Brown=GND, Yellow=12V
  • Output: the controller provides an extension cable with a 6 pin connector for the SPx DAQs, it can be connected to Lambda 1 / AN1 or Lambda 2 / AN2 connectors.
  • SP6: In the case of the SP6 it is necessary to add either an intermediate connector or just remove the 6 pin connector to use the “screw-type” connector