Inductive Clamp


NEW! Inductive Clamp for Engine RPM channel

This inductive clamp includes a built-in signal conditioning circuit specially designed to be used on ignition-coil 12 volt wires. This clamp is specially useful on cars and with on-spark coils (which do not have a high voltage clamp).


  • Type of sensor: inductive (preferably used on the coil’s 12V wire, only one wire at a time)
  • MEDIUM size (previous was 15 cm, current is 10 cm)
  • Input: 5V (< 20 ma). *
  • Output: 0-5V pulses according to ignition sparks (1:1)
  • Polarity: it is sensitive to the direction of current, the user may need to test both directions of the clamp until he gets a better signal

Note: SP1s between 2017 and 2022 have 12V Output!, it can be changed to 5V internally in the SP1. For older SP1s a resistor must be added to the clamp’s connector

*Prices do not include VAT