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SP-1 V4 Inertia Electronic Kit

Software and electronics kit for inertial dyno.
(No mechanical parts included)

1095.00 €*
(Prices do not include VAT)


  • Dyno operation controlled by on dyno button, or from the computer
  • Real time on screen display test results. Tests appears in the screen while the engine accelerates.
  • See graphs simultaneously: show or hide any curve.
  • Really accurate and detailed curves: see engine failures easily.

What is new in V4?

  • More connectors and analog channels:
  • 2 thermocouple inputs (in the front)
  • 4 analog inputs (at rear)
  • 2 counter inputs (available under request)
  • 2 servo outputs (available under request)
  • additional engine rpm input (0 to 5 volt), suitable to be connected to ECU output or inductive clamp adaptor.

What is new in V3 and 3b?

  • Enhanced engine RPM input circuit. Hi sensibility for traditional ignition and new ignitions (on-spark coils). Noise protection. click here for info about rpm reading
  • 2 General purpose analog inputs 0-5v, suitable for lambda probe

Powerful and easy to use

SmartPower SP-1 is a package that consists on:

SP-1 data acquisition unit (V4)
with 8 input channels:

  • Engine rpm input click here for info about rpm reading
  • 2 thermocouple type K input (up to 1000°C)
  • 4 general analog inputs
  • 2 counter inputs (available under request)
  • 2 servo outputs (available under request)

And sensors

  • Hall Effect Digital Sensor for measuring roller speed
  • Capacitive pickup to measure engine rpm
  • Installation cables and SportDyno software

Connection is done by using PC serial port, this makes very easy to connect this unit to any computer.

NOTE: Most laptopts do not have a serial port, but a FTDI serial-USB adaptor is provided to connect SP1 on this PCs. This adaptor creates a virtual COM port that can be selected on the program to work with the unit as usual. Theorically any RS232-USB adaptor will work with this device, requeriments are 115,200 baud transfer. We can supply a well-tested adaptor if you can not find a suitable one.

The equipment is completed with a modern Software for Windows, very powerful and easy to use. It allows to work simultaneously with several tests.


Power supply: 220V 50Hz/60Hz (Europe) or 115 volt 50Hz/60Hz (USA) (please specify when doing your order)

Data transfer: 115200 baud RS232C (DB9 Conn) (There is available a RS232-USB adaptor)

Roller rpm input connector (CN2)

  • Type of sensor: Hall Effect active sensor (doesn't need external magnets)
  • Type of input: logical Level (active at high level)
  • Maximum frequency: 15 KHz (6,000 rpm with 150 teeth)
  • Maximum cable length: 6m
  • Run/Stop input SWITCH

Engine rpm input: capacitive type (reads high voltage pulses on ignition cables)

Display: LCD 16x2 Characters.


Installation and Connections V4

This data is only shown for reference with old units. Current version is 4, V3 units are no longer manufactured

Dynamometer Installation V4:

CN1-additional engine RPM input, 0 to 5 volt. Suitable for ECU output, or external adaptors.

CN2-Roller Speed Sensor (Hall Effect), and Switch input

CN3-Load Cell, not available at SP1

CN4-Digital Counters and Servo outputs, available in next version 4b

CN5-Analog connector, Analog channels 1 and 3 (J and L), from 0 to 5 volt, suitable for Wideband Oxigen Sensor

CN6-Analog connector, Analog channels 2 and 4 (K and M), from 0 to 5 volt, suitable for Wideband Oxigen Sensor

Dynamometer Installation V3:

CN1- general purpose input. (lambda probe)

At CN1 connector are available two analog channels (input from 0 to 5volt) that can be used to connect a lambda probe such as Bosch LSM11.

CN2- pickup connection. pick-up should be mount close the geared tooth. Maximum frequency of teeth should not be greather than 15 Khz, so the gear teeth will be max of 150 teeth (for 6,000 rpm of roller).

Start/Stop Button on CN2 to control the dynamometer operation.

What Each SPx DAQ Implements

Roller Channels1122
Engine Channel1111
Analog Channels (0-5V)4466
Thermocouples (K)2288
Counter input (knock)2211
Load Cell Channels-1 (16 bit)1 (24 bit)2 (24 bit)
Brake Outputs--22
Servo Output1 RC*1 RC*1 RC / PWM1 RC / PWM
Airspeed Output--1 PWM1 PWM
Relay Outputs--88
Speed Control (PID)--12 + sync

Note: prices do NOT include VAT

What Each SPx Kit Contains

Hall sensor1112
Capacitive Clamp1111
Inductive clamp--11
Load Cell-112
Brake Power Supply--12
Power Cord1111
Ground Cable1111
SW CD1111

Note: prices do NOT include VAT


RC Model engine dynamometer.

RC Model engine dynamometer