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About SportDevices

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SportDevices is a privately owned and independent company with over 15 years experience developing and manufacturing chassis dynamometers for motorcycles, engine dynamometers, shock absorber dynamometers and other small instrumentation and test systems for motorsport components.

The company was founded in 2001 by Jose Andani and Jose Luis Cortes, SportDevices has grown into a world leading and industry recognized provider for dynamometer DAQs. The company has been closely linked to local industry and racing performance, Sportdevices products have been developed in collaboration with experienced members of local and international motorsport industry. As a technology and product innovator, SportDevices is able to provide its customers with probably the best quality/price ratio DAQ and Software for engine and vehicles test systems.

Most of our products are in the market for more than 10 years, have been largely tested by thousands of customers and have proven reliability and quality. During this time they have been used with new designs as well as retrofit old dynamometers with obsolete electronics.

At the end of 2013, Sportdevices management splitted. Jose Andani continues this phase of the Bussines opening new lines of products as SP5, OBDII interface, and dynamometer parts service (rollers, assemblies, brakes, etc).


Our products are widely sold to countries all over the world. We have independent customer in more than 50 countries and we have wholesalers in countries like USA, UK, Holland, Germany, France, Russia, Malaysia, Spain...


Since 2016, Sportdevices moved to an industrial building in Catarroja, 5 minutes from Valencia and 15 minutes from Valencia airport (VLC).