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SP-3 Brake Based Dynamometer

1595.00 €*

SP5 Data Acquisition Kit

3195.00 €*

Shock Absorber Analyzer Kit

1595.00 €*

SP-1 V4 Inertia Electronic Kit

1095.00 €*


Brake Power Supply GEN3.1

500.00 €*

Klam Retarder

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Lambda Block, exhaust gas pump

295.00 €*

OBDII Interface

200.00 €*

Brake Power Supply GEN1.5

450.00 €*

Lambda controller for LSU4.9 Bosch sensor

290.00 €*


80.00 €*

USB Weather Station

200.00 €*

Serial to USB FTDI Adapter

25.00 €*

Roller for Inertial Motorcycle Dynamometer

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Distributors Products

KartDyno-1 Engine Kart Dyno from Roteg Racing

Motorcycle Dynamometer from DynoKraft

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Motorbike Chassis Dyno

ShockAbsorber Dynamometer Machine

Kart Engine Dynamometer from Roteg Racing

* Prices do not include VAT.